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 Mail Tag

A Mail Tag is a list of questions you can send to your pen pals to get to know them better. The idea of a mail tag is that you ask them questions then like tag, It’s their turn to ask you questions! Such questions can be anything from what’s your favorite color to what does friendship mean to you?


With the introduction of media tablets why not add a playlist?  A playlist would be list of song recommendations for your friend to listen to. Sometimes people choose to do a themed playlist with themes that reflect holidays, seasons, moods, or activities. Examples of these could be: Christmas, Summer, Calm, Wake-up, Road trip, Workout, Etc.


We all have doodled whilst thinking about what we want to write, they are usually our favourite doodle, a little house, maybe a shape.Sending your doodles to your pen pal is a fun little extra to brighten their day as they can see a little piece of you that is often unseen! This is also a good way to share something you have been thinking about,  your idea’s, thoughts, self expression.

Memo Sheets

Whether it be from a note pad you have lying around the house or a cute kawaii memo pad you use just for special occasions, receiving sheets of memo paper is a useful and fun little extra to receive! It can be used for to do lists, future pen pal letters, playlists, or even in journals!  Write a little list to pop in with your letter, such as ‘My top 10 books’, ‘My 5 favourite films’, or ‘What song i’m listening to’.

Drawings or Small Pieces of Art

Share some of your art with you pen pal friend by sending a small drawing. You can send anything from characters you’ve drawn to landscapes you’ve seen! Sharing your art is a good way to get to know each other especially if art is a big part of what you like to do or who you are!


Send photos of your pets, home, local attractions, things you mention in your letter, or something else you may have in common. Or if you talk  a lot about your pet, send a picture so your pen pal knows who you are talking about!

Coloring Page

Coloring, whether for an adult or a child is a calming exercise. So sending a page from your favorite coloring book is a welcomed gift and fun activity to provide your pen pal friend. Create a color chart to accompany it like paint by numbers and in turn complete a color then send to pen pal they complete a color and return to you (eventually you have a beautiful work of art you created together)

Favorite Quote or Poem

A lot of pen pal-ers enjoy practising their lettering or handwriting. There is no better way than to practice your calligraphy than to draw your favorite quote or poem to send to your pen pal! Not only can the words inspire your pen pal, but the beauty of the drawing can as well! Sharing your favorite poem or quote also can share a lot about yourself with your pen pal!


Rather than sending a postcard stamped and written on, many prefer to collect blank postcards to either add to their collection or to send themselves. By adding one to your letter is a great way to share some of you home or trips with your pen pal. If not sent in your letter its also a fun thing to send by itself!


If you don’t already know ephemera is usually paper items that are used or enjoyed only for a short period of time. Many people collect vintage or sometimes not vintage ephemera. These items can be old magazine ads, old tickets, playing cards, old ledgers, maps, etc. Probably one of the better examples of one mans trash is another mans treasure!


Ebay is a great place for finding old items. Maybe your pen pal is a sports fan or look for old postcards from their State, places they may of mentioned.

Miniature Mail

Usually found only on a bouquet of flowers or a gift, but a simple miniature card is a perfect way to say something special.


A little quiz on a separate piece of paper – ask questions such as ‘what 3 items would you save in a fire, after your family?’ or ‘tell me about your best ever Birthday’

Write a secret Story

Write the first line of a story and fold the piece of paper, then send it to your pen pal and ask them to not read what you have written but add the next line, fold it, and send it back to you


  • sheet music to your favorite songs
  • A list of the corniest jokes you can find
  • Crosswords or other puzzles
  • Zines or other fun thing only printed in your area



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  2. and @Jailmailwithatwist has a lot of fun options too 🙂

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