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Prisoner Marriage by Proxy

  Get married when you can’t be together. Perfect if your partner is in the Military, Incarcerated, ill or hospitalized, in another state or another country, etc. For more detailed information visit our website at PROXY MARRIAGE – $250  As the top rated Wedding Service in the Greater Kansas City area, we at Kansas Proxy Marriage take our …

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Is this your inmate? Prison pen-pal scammers and cheaters exposed!!!

Is this your inmate? Prison pen-pal scammers and cheaters exposed!!! A lot of prisoners are scamming people on the outside. Manipulating them into giving money, yard pics and other tricks. Often having multiple “relationships”. There are also many people who manipulate prisoners. On both sides there are rotten apples. Also exposing inmate hoppers! This group …

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I was a teenage prisoner and saw first-hand how the criminal justice system fails to reform offenders

The UK criminal justice system doesn’t work. I should know – I was a young offender myself. At 17, I went to prison and experienced first-hand its failure to reform offenders. During my sentence, boys at the prison were ritually humiliated and beaten up, the older kids would set the younger kids on one another, …

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Getting Out and Staying Out (GOSO)

GET INVOLVED HOME GET INVOLVED Our Mission Getting Out and Staying Out (GOSO) empowers young men to avoid involvement in the criminal justice system by reshaping their futures through educational achievement, meaningful employment, and financial independence. GOSO focuses on the individuals’ capacities and strengths, as well as developmental needs and emotional well-being. Our aim is to …

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