Baltimore My Home -part 1

Antonio Barnes

Baltimore a day I’ll never forget, April,27,2015. I’m a Baltimorean love my city all the negativity we saw on that sad day is not what Baltimore is about.

The world watched up close what was happening in my city ever action there a reaction and what we saw was the reaction of a problem this country and urban America Cities been going through for years.

Looting, Rioting,Fighting,Fires,and Crying. My late mother use to tell me all the time everything bad, is not that bad at all because you will find some good out of it! Thank for the new wave of the camera. My heart goes out to the Freddie Gray family! Mr. Gray’s death was devastating for us all, but it shined a light on what people has been reporting for decades.”Police Brutality”, the whole world saw it for themselves that it do goes on!

Now don’t get me wrong we need police officers to run these cities and have a lot of very good ones, but we don’t need “Thugs In Uniforms”

By Antonio Barnes-Author of Prison Is Not A Play Ground
And Youth Advocate.

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