Baltimore My Home – part 2

Baltimore My Home

I’m a 48 year old African American raised in a urban city, Baltimore. I’ve been listening to this big controversy about the President and Mayor Rowling using the work “THUG’.

Here we go again lets keep it real African Americans use the work “THUG” so loosely daily its a cool word to them, or would I say a slick word to them?, the ones in the streets.

Lets look at the work “THUG” the word means “Brutal Person,Hoodlum, gangster, and Criminal”, and what we saw Monday April 27,2015 was all of those words,”CRIMINAL ACTIONS”!.

We need to stop playing the work game and making words fit our situations because we want them to mean what we want at the time of an event or situation. That’s why words have meaning so let them mean what they mean, so as we say in the city lets keep it real or should I say 100, because the “N” word could never mean “THUG”.

The President and Mayor Rowling are very intelligent people, I think they know how to use words.
So lets keep it real!

By Antonio Barnes.


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