Bitcoin for the coming 2020 year by Bennie Overton (03902061)

If you’d bought bitcoin at the begining of 2019 your money would have more than doubled. and in June of 2019 your money would have more than tripled! in retrospect lets look at stocks, gold and bonds for the same time period. Gold is up about 17% for 2019, Stocks are up about 22% on average, and government 10year bonds have yielded about 1.6% return for 2019. Now lets juxtapose this with Bitcoin which is up more than 144% !!! And in June bitcoin was up more than 300% for 2019. Prepare to reap even greater rewards for the year 2020! Just get ready! Email me at Donate Bitcoin at : 3EZgAWZqPGJD38jAGLGSAhNc4rhUUngnPy

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