Discrimination In Ferguson Police Department

Discrimination In Ferguson Police Department
This article was written in August I just decide to publish it this month.


Every breath we take is priceless! Here we go again with a serious racial issue on our hands. We just went through “Travon Martin case,Eric Garner” choked to death by NY city white police offers,a teen that played his music (RAP) to loud was gunned down by a white man in his SUV in Florida. Now we have Michael Brown Being gunned down shot 6 time once in the eye and once on the top of the head because he was accused of taking cigars from a near by store.

When I wrote about the Travon Martin case, like everyone else I expressed my view point after gathering my thoughts with Michael Brown being gunned down by a white officer because he wouldn’t get out the street and thinking he stole cigars from a store,I’m incline to say the first thing came to me, is it fair?, and kill the race card. we African Americans will jump on that race card and ride it until the wheels fall off. Is that fair? If you look at it from a professional view point (NO).Thats easy said than done all what African Americans have been through and still going through in this country thats called the land of the FREE!, FREE FOR WHO? What we been seeing though out the years most of the rules look like we are still locked up just don’t have the CHAINS ON!


BY. ANTONIO BARNES-Author of Prison Is Not A Play Ground
And Youth Advocate.

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