Federal Inmate Seeks your Support

The federal public defendant office there in Gainesville, Florida is requesting letter of support for me to present to my judge on releasing me under the First Step Act (404), pretaining to the harse crack law of 100 to 1 crack vs. powder. Well as you know I been incarcerated 31 years on non-violent drug conviction, of so-called “Ghost drugs”. Anyway, please my lawyer assistant want individuals to send letter support my release and She stated you can send your recommendation Ms. Amelia Barnard, and send it to: Email address, Amelia_Barnard@Fd.Org Please send your letter supporting Rufus Rochell #08628-017 as soon as possible. Rufus is presently serving 40 years in federal prison at Coleman Federal Correctional-Med., located in Coleman, FL 33521-1032 and has never recieved an incident report for bad behavior and has helped so many people in and out of prison and now I’m asking for your support through a simple letter to the email address above in my behalf Thank you and God bless, Rufus Rochell #08628-017 FCC Coleman Med. https://incarcerateus.com/members/rufusrochell/

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