• Tina Renner

      Convicted Man

      I am a convicted man
      Sentenced to a life without
      Abandoned within these cold stone walls
      Filled with confusion and doubt
      Tears so sincere of what I fear
      Can you hear?
      My silent screams for help….
      Can you feel my suffering?
      My time of trials…
      Pain and torment…
      The struggles of my conscience
      The decisions I’ve made
      Are being paid

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  • Speak Louder
    By Marshall Jones

    Can you heard the sounds of twenty-three thousand men and women
    imprisoned for various offenses?
    Have you stared into the eyes of desperation
    long enough to see humanity behind the frustration?
    Does the fruits of mental illnesses untreated seem to ring louder
    than the treatment it would take to heal the…[Read more]

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    Sean J. White #332296
    Jackson Corr. Inst.
    P. O. Box 233
    Black River Falls, WI 54615

    A version of this poem initially appeared in Connecticut River Review

    The Gunshot Wound

    red pools
    on a fresh-mopped floor
    near a yellow triangle
    of caution achtung aviso
    a predigital late-night
    test-pattern tuning fork
    tone fills the ears and
    vision…[Read more]

  • Street Cred
    By Marshall Jones

    What is street cred?
    Is it the diabolical worship of an incredulous standard of living,
    stricken by poverty,
    while ambitiously willing to sacrifice several calendars
    for a fading perception?
    Is it the trend of sensationalized gun play, 30-round clips,
    dirty money in even dirtier whips,
    something foreign, something…[Read more]

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    Homicide by Poverty
    By Marshall Jones

    Open your eyes for a minute….
    See disguises hide the foul intentions of men
    driven insane by endless competitions
    persistence to one-up a man equivalent to them
    same creation, just different vision
    same goals, just different prisons
    the acclaim of losing having more importance
    than maintaining one’s…

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