Health Post Part Two to Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

4) Body Detoxification Lots of time when you think of going through a detox you usually head to your local health food store to explore options and specific detox kits. But, drinking warm water is an alternative way to get that detox. According to the American Liver Foundation, your body temperature will rise and this will cause you to sweat, which is a sign that toxins are being eliminated from your body. All of this happens just with drinking warmer water. 5) Helps with Constipation If you are having some difficulty with being regular and are experiencing constipation, hot water can help with your digestion. Drinking warmer water helps with dehydration that causes your intestines to accumulate stools that back cause constipation. According to studies, which were done by the Digestive Disease Associates of York County, drinking warm water helps to make you regular. And here is another helpful hint. If you have not eaten yet and you drink warm water first before eating, it helps with getting rid of remnants of food that may be left in your system. This is another way to help you get your digestive process going in the right direction. 6) Stimulates Hair Growth Dehydration and dry hair is often the culprit of breakage and an inability to get your hair to grow longer and healthier. By drinking warm water, you are helping your roots by giving them the hydration they need to be healthy. Warm water helps to activate your roots, decrease dehydration of your hair, which ends up helping your hair grow. Antonio Barnes Author, Expert, Youth Advocate

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