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As you know Incarceration in the US is at extreme levels and touches a wide variety of social issues, topics and dilemma’s. We believe that the solutions to our incarceration problems reside within the minds and hearts of the people. So the aim of the Incarcerate U.S. website is to connect a wide array of people across America to learn about how Incarceration has effected them, get their perspective and the solution to our hyper Incarceration crisis and to link us all together to create one loud, unmistakable and unignorable voice. To do this we have the Incarcerateus Community. Make yourself a member (all free) Join and create groups,comment and begin forum threads. Make a personal or professional profile.

If you know someone incarcerated ask them add us to their corrlinks to participate on the site incarcerateus@aol.com

Here at Incarcerate Us we are working hard to bring you the very best Podcasts from people across the Nation who have been affected by and or have been Advocating transformation and reform of the Prison Criminal Justice System.

We have included audio upload option on every members profile. Give your incarcerated loved one/friend the gift of actually being heard. This is a valuable tool and brings prisoners who do not have the tools we have an opportunity to speak for themselves!

Incarcerate US is the 1st and Only Podcast to publish Interviews with a Prisoner as the Host.
If your Organisation/Loved one needs to be heard then we urge you to subscribe and create your prison Podcast. Give your loved one a voice on America’s first Social Media Prison Platform today!

Easy Inmate Call Recording App

For Years prisoners have been limited to the written word. The Incarcerateus easy inmate call recording app will completely transform the prison platform

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