How to Reach Troubled Teens Questionnaire

As parents and Guardians the ever growing problem many face is how to steer troubled kids away from violence and off the path to prison. This has been  a tremendous task and one many parents have struggled with.

Maybe you are a parent of a troubled teen, how did it start? What were the signs? What advice would you give to a parent with a troubled teen?

These are conversations we need to be having. If you would like to participate in the questionnaire or know a parent who this could help please forward it to them.

The findings of this petition will be shared (Anonymously no names will be mentioned unless permission was given).

Thank you for your time and Attention.


Incarcerateus Team


Federal Inmate Antonio Barnes: Troubled Youth Questionnaire
If you would like feedback on your answers from Antonio or would like to discuss this issue further please indicate below your preferred method of communication.
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