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Using the race card is not fair to no one and shouldn’t be use! I’ll let you judge for yourself with some facts at hand.
*Back to Travon Martin case, he was followed because he was a young black and looked like he was up to something through the eyes of someone else.
*Young black man was gunned in his SUV for playing his rap music to loud by a white man in Florida.
*Eric Garner was choked to death by a NY city police offer because he was suspicion of selling individual cigarettes.
*Now Michael Brown shot 6 times by a white officer because he was told to get out of the street in Ferguson Missouri.

A few facts to know: Police blotter in Ferguson source Missouri Attorney Generals Office finding.

STOPS                                         SEARCHES                      ARRESTS
Whites     Blacks                           Whites      Blacks          Whites    Blacks
686           4632                               47         567                   36       483

We can take it however we want to, but in these 4 cases, facts don’t lie. Someone been playing the race card!,Or a big coincident.

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By. Antonio Barnes-Author of Prison Is Not A Play Ground
And Youth Advocate

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