Is this your inmate? Prison pen-pal scammers and cheaters exposed!!!

Is this your inmate? Prison pen-pal scammers and cheaters exposed!!!

A lot of prisoners are scamming people on the outside. Manipulating them into giving money, yard pics and other tricks. Often having multiple “relationships”. There are also many people who manipulate prisoners. On both sides there are rotten apples. Also exposing inmate hoppers! This group is to expose them. In this group hatred towards each other will not be tolerated. This is also a support system for anyone with a loved one incarcerated and especially for the victims of malicious inmates.



Anyone posted is innocent until proven guilty. If they make it on the blacklist they are without a doubt proven scammers/players. What people do with the results of a posted man/woman is up to them. Also a lot of useful information and tips for anyone involved with an inmate. Rules and guidelines:

*No hatred towards each other *Beefing you can do in pm NOT in the group

*No revenge actions because one simply wasn’t interested in you *If you want something posted anonymously, message me

Blacklist and stories in the group! Get your inmate posted (anonymously) to see who he or she is talking to. We reach FAR beyond the group, the group is like an octopus, having tentacles everywhere.



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