iworldeverything And Distributor LLC

iworldeverything And Distributor LLC Box 27 Poughkeepsie NY 12601 Email: iworldeverythinganddis@gmail.com 845-723-1394 Is a family owned business that would like to help the ones that are incarcerated too. We know the holidays are coming and some of you want to put that smile on the special one’s face. We are offering only inmates 25-45% of everything they order and shipping and handling will be 47% of $15 a flat rate of $8 state tax is 8.875 we will only put $2 flat rate on any order anything over that the company will pay. Women’s prisons get 40-45% off of everything we are the lowest in the country when it comes to helping out the ones that can’t be home with their family and friends. Flowers top of the line, toys, jewellery 14k, etc… anything you can think of if we don’t have it in stock we will for you in a day or two, you won’t have to wait for shipping to go out because once we get it going out the same day if not the next day!!! We also do pictures, your family and friends can send to the company and we will send them off the same day, 20 pictures, 50 cents a picture and you get 5 free $2 SH. Everything is guarantee. This is our way of “SHOWING LOVE”!!!!!!!

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