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Take This Quiver And Deliver Do you prefer Bullfinches Mythology or LARPing ? Live Action Role Playing Mademoiselles , druids , pagans and nonsecular . Time to dress up . Choose a character and lets network. Wherefore art thou Rapunzel ? Fun can be found floating in an A&W rootbeer . Dear Stonehenge worshipping Basking & Robbins 31 Flavor friends. What would you do for a Klondike Bar ? Buried in frozen tundra of Wisconsin prison system , I yearn for hot toodies and apple pie ala mode. Cinderella; Without a choice ladder to traverse down these cobbled stone heights , my double entendre are 2 scoops short of a chocolate fudge sundae afternoons blizzards trip to Dairy Queen . Entrapped behind these castle walls vicariously I imagine you bareback on our throne in the throws of passion with another or stymied in a diabetic coma like Sleeping Beauty from over indulgently listening via Poison Apple to my Haagen Daz cherry stained podcast thru Merlin The Magicians lap top of alchemy or The Wizard of Oz’ petite pint sized mobile device. Respondez sil vous plait. Disney Princesses ; You are cordially invited to attend court in my absence , exchange missives of parchment and engage in an ice cream social. While they have their Hot Girls Night Out ! Concubines that are my Neapolitan treats of choc – o – taco Africans , vanilla bean Europeans and strawberry blush Asians. Mount your scepters side saddle , air deliver yourselves as if The Good Witch Glenda and tasty like ambrosia . Pay homage to me your Nubian French Burger King . Like Culvers malted shakes . It’s a mixer ! So , everybody into the moat ! Sir Lancelot ; With no LGBTQ rainbow snowcones chances romances of jousting on the horizon. Heterosexual knights , King of Leons fruit infused squires or Ben % Jerry prison reform connoisseurs , are encouraged to take off their suits of armor and make a lunar splash landing at The Dragons , Darts & Farts Monty Python Bed, Bath & Beyond Pub . And then , after a relaxing mud bath , send this Shakespearean creative writing frozen custard barista escargot mail. Circumnavigating globe , like The Black Plague , these words are a grand opportunity to like , share , retweet ,send and reaching millions , go viral friends. So , regardless of how you soft serve it . Spotted banana split or in a Tiffany crystal dish , my mail call doesn’t discriminate . From virtual reality to real world ! Get into character. Twist your wrist as Lady Godiva late night nude , in the privacy of your own chalet , scouring the internet for tantalizing conversation and companionship . Built like a brick house ! 36 – 24 – 36 , you can send me tasteful emails , tactful computer downloads or romantic golden stationary leaf. Believe self an ogre ! Come lean on my shoulder ! The occasional trolls and mischiefs of mayhem that reveal themselves as catfish shall remain banished from The Realm until they repent for their sins against The Gods of LARPing gnomes. My loyal subjects ; To avoid The Dungeon Masters magical confiscation powers , remember no knives , metal or mace . Kindly lick sticky ice cream confection residue off of your succulent manicured fingers prior to stuffing envelope with pearls of wisdom. Truly , I would like to have my pie and eat it too ! As straight as the arrows flight , Cupid ! If you are mulatto , I am into gelato ! Imprisoned in The Tower ! Your vanquished King , Sir James Terry II Will you be my champion ? James Terry II 373986 WSPF POB 1000 Boscobel WI 53805 USA To download the pdf of Justice Denied please go to: http://prisonsfoundation.org/uploads/8nonf-jtsstoryof.pdf https://incarcerateus.com/members/terryjames/

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