Many of you might not ever heard of me, simple because I been incarcerated in Federal Prison the past 31 years, sleeping in a room or cell. Yes, I get a chance to go outside the room to recreation, kitchen better known as the “Chow hall”, Church, educational building. But I realize the “Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” My name is Rufus Rochell #08628-017, serving 40 years for non-violent drug offense and obstruction of Justice. I want to reach outside of these barb-wired, razor fence and plead to many of you and I assure you that this statement touches those that are infatuated with the life style of “Hate and taking each others life, killings”, now is the time to change and ask for forgiveness from GOD! This ideal of one or the other is not natural for man or woman, this is something that is put in place by the devil, and we must change before its to late and you end up in a place you forever don’t want to be in, either prison or the grave.” Let’s admit it to much of the both is happening is happening in each of our communities throughout America and abroad. I am question many of you that are reading this message from Rufus, behind bars, what kind of message you are sending to others throughout the world with all of this so-called “foolness”, when we often speak of love, positivity, caring and productivity, and overall GOD! The grave yards are full and every day some young kids, son or daughter, parent are being killed for know apparent reason other than hate or dislike for one another. I often tell those young and so-called want to be “Gangsters’, behind bars, and those ones that just entering prison. My brother are breaking the doors down to come to prison, while many of us who been imprisoned for years are doing everything right to get out of prison as well as preparing yourself productively to stay out.” My advice to those that think criminal minded, take this advice from Rufus, and think about it “The federal prisons has shoes for all sizes, meaning know matter how tough or bad you pretend to be”, if you don’t change your life and do what’s right.’ You might make your bed and soon will have to lay in it.” In closing, give this message to your love ones and more importantly to your kids before its to late.” This is from Rufus Rochell #08628-017 been imprisoned 31 years non-violent offender, crack cocaine conspiracy! God bless you, Rufus Rochell #08628-017 Federal Correctional Coleman-Med. P.O. Box 1032 Coleman, FL 33521-1032

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