locked up in federal prison for the past (3) three decades, to be exact 31 years spent behind bars.

Many of you reading my story today, imagine yourself held and locked up in federal prison for the past (3) three decades, to be exact 31 years spent behind bars on an indictment that alleged conspiracy with intent to distribute 50 grams or more of crack cocaine, and possession with intent to distribute 50 grams or more, and then later tagging obstruction of justice on. Mindful of the fact all were non-violent offenses, and yes more importantly they never got one single grain of drugs from Rufus Rochell. The indictment stemmed from Gainesville, Florida on April 6, 1988, and Rufus Rochell, and others that was indicted with him. If any of you knew about Gainesville which is the Northern District of Florida, being considered then one of the worst area to be prosecuted in and the Federal Court handed out some of the most hares and draconian sentences for those charge with crack during that that period of time. Yes, thanks to ones such as Sen. Joseph Biden, was over the Senate Judiciary Committee and yes you must remember Mr. Biden was part of the 1994 Crime Bill, that created many of the black families to land in federal prison today, and the many men and women locked up throughout the country. I was eventually found guilty by an all-white jury there in Gainesville, and my sentencing date was set for October 20th, 1988. Now this is where the foul play comes in which many of you might not be aware. During the sentencing phase the jurors that found you guilty of the the evidence alleged on the indictment being 50 grams are more is not present during the sentencing. The ones that are present are (PSI), prosecutor, Judge, and Agents. Now at my sentence they saw obviously 50 grams of crack within that range would not give me the severe punishment they all had conspired to place upon me which the jury found me guilty of, so they comes along and delivery gives me 24 kilo’s of “Ghost drugs”, something the jury never found me guilty of and you can review the verdict form I have present and I’m sure the court has the very same verdict form as well. That is the reason I been locked up for the amount of time I have, and its fare to say I am black. During my incarceration I lost those dear loving family members that meant so much to me, my loving mom, my bio-logical dad, and my wonderful beloved step dad, and my loving brother whom the two of us were so close. This was part of there plan to see many myself go through such pain and thank God to my wonderful pastor Riva Tims whom often let me know God will lift you up and he hears your cry and you will rise, just trust in him and its going to be alright! God bless, Rufus Rufus Rochell #08628-017 Federal Correctional Complex-Medium P.O. BOX 1032 Coleman, FL 33521-1032 https://incarcerateus.com/members/ruf…

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