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    Two young brothers who were involved in the streets of their home town. Forced to grow up fast, due to unfortunate circumstances and being misguided by their surroundings, they both become products of their environment. In doing so, they make names for themselves and are feared by their home town community which is known as Killa Kounty. Khufu, which is the oldest of the two, is shot by someone posing as a dope fiend and was left to die in his own blood. Little did the shooter know, he would survive, and it would cost him fatally. In Khufu’s hunt for revenge, to his dismay, he finds out the shooter is closer than he expected. At the same time, Khufu is avoiding detectives who seeks to question him in a triple homicide. Their home town Killa Kounty is known for its daily encounters of bloodshed, where many of its youth don’t live to see their 21st birthday. In the end, one of the brothers is facing 1st degree murder, while the other is found on the side of the road clinging to his life. They say the good die young, but in Killa Kounty nobody is safe.



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