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    Standing before you,
    like a shadow
    when the sun is at your back
    is this person who
    commands words,
    a drill sergeant of sorts
    barking out orders
    for verbs and adjectives,
    letting them do anything but
    float adrift on a sea of laughter
    and uncontrolled temperament.
    His directives spoken
    in similes of the sublime
    Stretching across the horizon of eternity
    like constant sunrises
    shining and yet uncorraled
    by the sensation of failure.
    Be he this magician,
    forever showing the audience
    feats that will last
    in minds and hearts unperturbed.
    Whatever he is,
    his uncommon ability
    weaves within life
    color and light
    needed to never forget
    that all is worthwhile
    even when what is found
    feels empty.



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