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    Here are my challenges, I really enjoy the challenge of these challenges and
    I find myself trying something new each time as all these forms are unexplored. Normally I write free verse… I chose the Acrostic, the Nonet and the 10 word challenges. For the 10 word challenge I picked haiku but since the 10 words equal 20 syllables it’s a free verse haiku? The reason I chose the haiku form is with those 10 words it made the most sense and is also uncommon. Which is the unscrambled word. I used the theme of uncommon
    For my Acrostic poem as well. Be well and thanks for your time and the work
    You are doing giving us our voice back!

    Under an unfiltered sky I breathe the mystery of Life,
    Nearing the uncertain surface my gaze meets Yours…
    Connections that reflect this rare Night.
    Omens speak of suffering, I see past the Storm…
    Myriad moments coalesce, producing pure Light,
    My understanding leaves and leads to your Door…
    Open to the day and the coming Fight,
    Near enough now, you can just hear… the Roar!

    Your shadow fades, your love lingers still…
    I cannot compete with Time’s hold,
    Walking through fire forever cold.
    Embers dancing the night…
    The song is quiet,
    My heart is not.
    Your light flows…
    Shines bright,

    10 word challenge (“haiku”)
    Shining spoken shadow…
    Standing adrift, sublime laughter,
    Sensation, last command!

    D. Joseph Gilchrist



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