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    I forgot to respond to this and didn’t want you to think
    I took what you said for granted. Thank you for your
    Thoughts on my Sestina entry, it was the first time I’d
    Ever tackled such a form, being honest I’ve mostly avoided
    Such forms as I thought them too challenging… I realize
    I’ve been lazy and gotten comfortable with a free verse style.
    Thank you all for helping me out of such a rut! I’d be honored
    If you put that poem in your next newsletter! I noticed a typo on
    My end that i’d like corrected if you do put it in the newsletter?
    In the second stanza I wrote covets, when it was supposed to be
    Covers. So the line should read: feels like broken glass covers this road.
    Again, thanks to you and the rest of incarcerateus.com

    —–J Supporter on 4/29/2019 10:19 PM wrote:


    Oh you just made that look so easy..
    The word choice was very well selected, they just went together so beautifully. I think you did excellent and I am going include it on the next month Newsletter to members.
    Have you wrote a Sestina Before?
    Well done… part 2 is coming tomorrow!
    Have a beautiful night

    DONALD GILCHRIST on 4/29/2019 6:19:34 PM wrote
    Here is my attempt at the Sestina challenge…

    I can smell the memory like the coming rain,
    It settles and is eased into, a house…
    A home long-forgotten, a day gone,
    A life spent searching for peace
    Or pieces of the whole I can’t remember
    Lost like my way down this road.

    Feels like broken glass covets this road
    I’m compelled to travel caught in the rain.
    I began walking in order to remember
    Every grain of sand, every stone the house
    Was built upon during days of peace…
    I just noticed all the stars are gone.

    The night is chilled, my fire is long gone
    Turned to ash drifting across the road.
    Sleep is the only comfort, the only peace…
    The dawn caresses me awake with rain,
    The sun reveals a yard, a house
    To dry and warm these moments I remember.

    It amazes me what I remember
    And what’s forgotten, the night is gone
    Too soon for my feet and this house,
    From the porch a man can see the road
    And passed the signs the rain…
    Maybe with it the way to peace?

    If only I could capture Peace,
    Interrogate her until I remember
    That I used to love the rain.
    Before it begins she is gone
    And again I wander a rocky road…
    Searching for the right house.

    As I arrive with bloody feet to this last house
    The wind shifts uneasily toward peace.
    Looking back I can see there is no road,
    Only the soft pain and hard love I remember…
    Every sign of my passing, past and present gone
    Washed clean by the driven rain.

    This, is the house I’d forgotten, the house I remember
    Before my peace and every memory of it was simply gone…
    This, is where the rain washed away the road home.

    D. Joseph Gilchrist



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