• A winner is a person who keep fighting until he/she wins…

    You will never embrace the future if you keep holding on to the pass…

    There is no job in the future,The future is in you…

    By. A. Barnes

  • One of the final results of the effect of this madness will be the ones that get hurt and pays the price for the uncaring actions that was caused. Two things only happens to the accuser and it’s “DEATH or PRI […]


    It’s easy to make a friend, it’s easy to say what you will do, but it’s a lot tougher to make a DIFFERENCE.

    We all have the ability to make a difference,The difference is how w […]

  • State of Connecticut Focuses On reducing School Arrests.

    A significant decrease in arrests at schools across the state of Connecticut over the past several years. About 1.400 arrests at schools every referral […]

  • Discrimination In Ferguson Police Department
    This article was written in August I just decide to publish it this month.


    Every breath we take is priceless! Here we go […]

  • What have our schools become? The last few years I’ve been reading articles from the “Baltimore Sun,Washington Post, US Today,and Jacksonville union” news papers to name a few on this, School House to Jail […]

  • Prison Is Not A Playground.

    If any of my readers would like to purchase Prison Is Not A Playground, you can at Amazon.com for paper back and E-Book at smashwords.com

    Antonio Barnes








    Life is an opportunity…..Take it.
    Life is a journey……Complete it.
    Life is a promise…….Fulfill it.
    Life is a beauty……..Praise it.
    Life is a struggle……Fight it.
    Life is a goal……..Achieve i […]

  • j c posted a new activity comment 8 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hello I am a friend of your son, are you aware he is in the hospital? If so how is he doing?

    • A short Video Chronicling Dante’s Journey of Atonement in Prison.

      Incarcerateus Podcast: Dante’s Interview Playlist

      Useful Links for writing Parole Letters
      *Be Sure to Include the Person’s Complete […]

    • As parents and Guardians the ever growing problem many face is how to steer troubled kids away from violence and off the path to prison. This has been  a tremendous task and one many parents have struggled […]

    • Federal Prisoner Antonio Barnes before he landed in prison, also known as “Bird”, was a reckless wild teen living the street life. He also sold drugs as a young teen. Today he advocates and mentors troubled teens […]

    • Using the race card is not fair to no one and shouldn’t be use! I’ll let you judge for yourself with some facts at hand.
      *Back to Travon Martin case, he was followed because he was a young black and loo […]

    • Advice from a Greek philosopher
      A young man approached a Greek philosopher and said, “I’ve come to you for knowledge.” The philosopher nodded, took the young man by the hand, and led him to a nearby river. […]

    • This is a article I publish in the Marlboro . Thursday, February 28, 2013.

      As I sat and think about this very serious “EPIDEMIC’ our great country faces with this out of con […]

    • Two female teens was charge with a vicious assault for beating and stripping another teen. keyasia Bell 18 and a 15 year old friend of New Haven Connecticut was charge for robbery, assault, and larceny. The […]


      When I think of a woman, the first thing come to mind is, someone thats loving,caring,respectable and responsible. That’s my grandmother because thats the way she […]

    • G.YAC blog was created to inspire visitors/persons to make the right choices and changes in their life, in addition we will be focusing on Youth Violence, Education, Health, the Elderly, and Current […]

      Sweet potatoes are delicious natural way to give your skin that much needed winter boost.Gere’s three reasons why.
      1.Sweet potatoes are packed with antioxidants, which […]

    • Solutions

      By now we all know the damage to the city from the Looting, Rioting, Fires, Fights and Crying. Now lets come together and get this city back on its feet.
      I understand pain the people that might have […]

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