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      The Prison Journal was begun by the Pennsylvania Prison Society, America’s oldest prison reform organization, which was founded in 1787. The Prison Journal has continued to be a central forum for studies, ideas, and discussions of adult and juvenile confinement, treatment interventions, and alternative sanctions.

      Exploring broad themes of punishment and correctional intervention, The Prison Journal advances theory, research, policy and practice. The journal also enhances the knowledge of correctional-systems practitioners and scholars by providing descriptive and evaluative accounts of innovative programmes and policies, state-of the-art surveys and reviews, and legal and historical analysis. Distinguished experts discuss emerging trends, innovations and developments in the rapidly changing world of corrections and alternative sentencing.

      In-Depth Analysis

      The Prison Journal regularly supplements its coverage of the field with timely Special Issues devoted to a single topic of current concern. These Special Issues explore areas previously neglected and offer vital new insights and advancements in research, theory and practice. Recent Special Issues have included: Women in Prison and Jails Education in Correctional Settings Drug-Involved Offenders

      Interdisciplinary Scholarship

      The Prison Journal is international and interdisciplinary, presenting a diversity of perspectives. You’ll find work by practitioners and academics from a variety of countries and a broad range of disciplines. The journal provides you with a comprehensive forum that fully explores current issues, concerns and solutions in the field. In the pages of the journal you’ll read contributions from many areas, such as: criminal justice administration criminal justice/law health/mental health history political science psychology public administration public policy sociology



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