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    Welcome in the group! We hope you will enjoy it. When someone hears their name called by a prison guard during mail call it can be a powerful reminder that people on the outside care about them, and it sends a message to the guards and other inmates that this person has support and isn’t forgotten.

    Prisoners often feel extremely lonely and isolated, and many have lost touch with their family and friends on the outside. We believe that something as simple as sending emails can make a huge difference to the lives of prisoners.

    An email might be the only communication a prisoner receives and can provide huge encouragement and a link to the outside world. What they need to experience most is love, & caring because in prison there is none.

    EMail contact may vary from prison to prison. Some prisons use Jpay while others use corrlinks. Some are free while others have a charge. You may be required to pay to send but not receive, the prisoner may also pay to send but not to receive. If you wish to correspond with someone in prison, you can find the cost per email by checking out Jpay or corrlinks website. Apps are available to use on your cell phone.
    Your email can (and probably will) be read by prison officials. Think about this when including any information about your political activities, immigration status, history of incarceration, or mentioning anything that might incriminate you or your communities. Be aware that your email may be censored as well.
    A prisoner may ask you to contribute money to their commissary for stamps, envelopes, paper, or other essentials. If that’s something you’re comfortable with, it can be a vital way to support your pen-pal, but if you aren’t able to or comfortable doing so, be clear about that. The best thing you can do is be consistent, open, supportive, and honest about your boundaries and abilities.

    You are welcome to post an Ad for your loved one in prison or look for a pen pal to write to in prison. Please respect each other’s opinion, Please no name calling or rudeness towards an inmate that’s posted or towards any other individual as it will not be tolerated in here! Thank You.



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