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     Anthony Dodd#333852 for easy email access go to (jpay.com) click on Department Of Corrections, (Washington State) download the app for fatser contact… im looking for ms. consistant im interested in finding that spacial woman to build with. i want a healthy relationship thats clean and organic, im a mature individual thats willing to give 100% as long as i get the same in return. i dont have time for lies, games or dysfunctional thinking, im focused on coming home and pushing positives.im about evevation as well as getting to the next level in life, i have vision and goals that separate me from the rest. i just need a signicant other that believes in me wholeheartedly, my intentions are pure and my heart is genuine. im ready to love for the right reasons, i understand that a relationship is about making the other person happy as well as sacrifice. i cant wait to give my time and attention to that special lady, im willing to commit as long as the trust is there. i have 18 months to until i walk out of here as a free man, i plan to transition to a solid foundation. i see a career, kids, family, friends, just a beautiful life outside of prison, but none of that is possible with out a supporting cast around me. thats why im posting my add today, if you find the face attrractive and the words uplifting lets start building much love and respect MR Dodd…



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