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    Mass Incarceration Questionaire

    Why were you incarcerated? Law Site Lexis Nexis: 415 Fed Appx 495: United States v. Kenneth J. Johnson; October 28, 2010. This or any legal site (Westlaw, etc) has a description of my arrest and what I was eventually charged with.

    How much time are you serving? Life without parole and 30 years concurrent, plus 63 months consecutive too prior sentences. I’ve been in custody since November 5, 2006.

    How would you describe your experience? This may surprise you, but two words would be “Divine Intervention”, I did not feel this way initially. But at the beginning of this journey, starting on May 1, 2009, the day I arrived at United States Penitentiary Tucson in Arizona, my perception of my situation began to change. I was broken and had genuinely accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. This influenced me to stop blaming everyone and thing for my problems (When you change the way you look at things, the things you’ve been looking at begin to change). With that being said, this term of imprisonment has been awakening, enlightening, transforming, invigorating, at times lonely and at time debilitating. Therefore, for the most part it’s been mentally and spiritually rewarding.

    Part Two

    1) Were you justly incarcerated? No. The arresting officer blatantly violated my Fourth Amendment Right regarding search and seizure. He lied about his dog alerting to my vehicle to justify his illegal search of my vehicle. Then at my trial the prosecutor allowed testimony that they knew was not true.

    2) Are re-entry resources adequate upon your release? Yes, the library has a resource center that’s open to everyone that’s willing to utilize it.

    3) How do you believe America has gotten itself into this Mass Incarceration Crisis? Nothing has contributed more to the systematic mass incarceration in the United States than the War on Drugs. This system of mass incarceration was structured to reward mass drug arrests and facilitate the conviction and imprisonment of an unprecedented number of Americans whether guilty or innocent. One example is the Supreme Court has seized every opportunity to facilitate the Drug War, primarily be eviscerating Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable searches and seizures by the police.

    4) What do you believe are the first steps towards prison reform in America/ Wow. America being honest with itself about its unscrupulous past and present thoughts, intentions and behavior towards Africans/African Americans/Native Americans.

    5) What are some of the most profound things you learned about the American Criminal Court System and prison that you did not know prior? Those who are the real “king pins” are often able to buy their freedom by forfeiting their assets, snitching on other dealers, or becoming paid Government informants and the United States prison system is not conducive to genuine rehabilitation or correction. One must be strong and courageous to travel the road of remedying a habitual undesirable behavior(s), with intent of establishing moral excellence within its dark confines.

    6) What’s your position of corporations profiting from incarcerated individuals and their families? I’m not an enemy of capitalism. However, I frown on the predatory methods corporations, in conjunction with local, country, state, and Federal corporations – plus the entire judicial system exploiting prisoners and their families.

    7) Over the past 40 years we have seen a massive increase in the American prison population, what do you believe has led to the rise of mass imprisonment? Systematic racism!!!

    8) What is your understanding of the parole procedure in your state, have you been to the parole board, if not how are you preparing for parole? I have a non-parolable sentence.

    9) In three words what does prison mean to you?
    Today: “Life saving experience”.

    Finally is there anything you’d like to say regarding mass incarceration? Sadly I witness and also ponder on my past dysfunctional lifestyle, to the slow mental and spiritual deterioration of all races of people in prison. I do not advocate the abolishment of prison. However, “TIME SHOULD FIT THE CRIME” and “DOING TIME SHOULD BE ABOUT RESTORING OR INITIATING MORAL EXCELLENCE.” Americans must face and genuinely repent is greatest SIN –> SLAVERY. Until there can be no real justice of any kind.
    Kenneth J. Johnson #87994-071
    Federal Correctioal Complex- Medium
    P.O. Box 1032
    Coleman, Florida 33521



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