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    I’m incarcerated on charges of Abduction, Malicious Maiming, Robbery, and several counts of use of an firearm. An inconsistent, unreliable witness testified to different stories concerning my whereabouts that evening as well as the events I allegedly played a role in. The investigators had ample opportunities to do their job which is “INVESTIGATE”, but chose to believe the victim even after identifying several lies he had told. There weren’t any DNA samples taken, there weren’t any weapons or shell casings recovered, nor were there any blood found in the trunk of the vehicle he claimed to be forced into after being shot numerous of times (which was confiscated by the police the day after the attack allegedly occurred). When my attorney asked if the trunk had been cleaned, the investigator answered “No”. If the trunk of the car hadn’t been cleaned and a man that was shot several times was placed there, why couldn’t they identify any blood once the car was obtained the day after? It’s crazy. After first having a mistrial I was then tried again only to have my rights violated. Recognizing the victim inconsistent statements weren’t enough to gain a guilty verdict, the investigator had something else in mind. While being questioned by the prosecutor he (the investigator) decided to mention the statement of an codefendant who didn’t testify at trial. That violated my sixth amendment right which states I have the right to face my accuser. Beings that my codefendant didn’t testify during trial, his statement wasn’t suppose to be spoken of. With five alibi witnesses testifying to my whereabouts that evening I was found guilty and giving fifty-nine years in prison. I wrote a book which is located on Amazon called “Mistaken Identity” that explains everything pertaining to my case. If you’re interested go an check it out.

    I would describe my prison experience as being a nightmare. Not necessarily due to the prison experience itself, but the trauma from being letdown by the judicial system. You know how sometimes in a dream you’re suddenly falling from the sky, but before reaching the surface your eyes open? Well that’s how I’ve been feeling, like the uncertainty of whether I’ll be vindicated is similar to what I felt while falling from the sky. The only difference from my experience and that dream is I haven’t awoken yet.

    A. No.
    B. Yes
    C. I believe that mass incarceration is another form of slavery. It’s functions are the same as before, to effectively remove and imprison all blacks and nonwhite members from society. Slavery isn’t dead in America. It simply has another name “Mass Incarceration”.
    D. I would say the first step that needs to be taken is simply understanding that just because you’re accused of a crime doesn’t necessarily means you’re guilty. I agree, the victims deserves justice, but it should be the same amount of work put into proving if somebody’s innocent. Innocent men and women are convicted on the regular due to lack of money to afford adequate representation. With that being said, they’re plenty of people who took a plea deal for a crime they didn’t commit just because the odds weren’t in their favor. So understanding is the first step that needs to take place.
    E. I didn’t recognize how one sided the scales are. I think lady liberty (the historic statue that depicts a blindfolded woman balancing the scales of justice) is the perfect picture of just what our criminal justice system has come to be today. Sure some people will argue of how it was meant to depict equality and America’s blindness toward things like race and class in the face administering justice, but tell that to guys like myself and other individuals who have had the misfortune of learning firsthand just how one sided those scales really are.
    F. I don’t believe that it’s fair for corporations to profit from the incarcerated or their loved ones. For example, you have jails in Virginia Beach and Norfolk that charge you for your stay as if it’s some kind of hotel. What sense does that make? Whether you’re guilty or innocent I think the experience itself is enough, but the additional fee is unnecessary.
    G. I think majority of the reason for mass incarceration is the lack of understanding regarding the opposite race. Oftentimes you’re judged by your appearance which makes you guilty before the trail begins. It’s not right, but that’s whats happening in courtrooms all over America. It’s getting to the point that people in the free world ate becoming incarcerated mentally. Just because you’re not surrounded by iron bars doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re free.
    H. I’m not familiar with the parole board in my state beings that we’re not allowed such a thing in Virginia under the new law. Honestly, I wouldn’t consider my achievements as a tool to prepare for parole even if we had it. I’ve written two books and received my GED while incarcerated, not for any rewards, but for myself. I’m a firm believer in “any is possible” so despite my current circumstances I’ll strive to become better than I was the day before.
    I. All About Money!!!

    For those of you who are in a similar situation such as myself or have a loved one who’s fighting the same fight it’s important to never give up. This fight isn’t just for us. It’s also for the younger generation who may have the misfortune of incarceration planted in their future. We must continue fighting the battle until our voice is heard. It may take longer than expected, but one day we’ll be able to look back and see the change. I encourage you to continue the fight, stand firm, and believe in the process. With one voice comes know results, with thousands of voices comes change. I currently have two books based on mass incarceration (Mistaken Identity, Mistakenly identity part two) which are located on Amazon. It explains exactly how I feel about the judicial system without holding back. I encourage you to tell your story as well. Giving up isn’t an option. Remain strong.



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