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    LEONARD BROOKS (384364) New Lisbon Correctional Institution P.O. Box 6000 New Lisbon, WI 53950 (has corrlinks)
    ‘I am ‘ Poem
    1st Stanza I am a loving an thoughtful person
    I wonder about own my own home
    I hear car horns
    I see sky lines
    I want to be free
    I am a loving an thoughtful person
    2nd Stanza
    I pretend to be sleep when I’m listening to music
    I feel happy when I’m reading a good book
    I touch my father when I’m dreaming
    I worry about where I going to live and work
    I cry because I mess up my life
    I am a loving an thoughtful person
    3rd Stanza
    I understand I can’t change my past but,I can change my future
    I say there is no short cuts in life you have to work hard at everything
    I try to stay true to to myself an people I deal with
    I hope people understand we aren’t bad people just misunderstood
    I am a loving an thoughtful person

    • Leonard Brooks

      The streets
      The streets is a maze that you have to scout before you can run them
      The streets can enrich your life or have you in a daze you must understand the streets is a very place
      The streets is home and always be home for alot of brothers/sisters it’s not only where we come from but, where we was raise alot of brothers/sisters wasn’t fortune to have two parents. So the streets are both mother and father they can teach you right from wrong. You must have clarity before you can play in the streets or risk being frame for something you didn’t do and trust me the streets can’t help you get untie they can only help you get to the big house. Then you realize this was not only a dream but, a way of life for some of us but, not all of us.We are destine to be someone great that are family can be proud of.then we wake up to realize it was a bad dream



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