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    Hi everyone! I hope everything is going well with you all. I am doing well and excited about this journey I am making with Incarcerate US. Not only am I learning different styles of poetry, bit it is making my voice better in my regular, free verse style. I also was blessed to meet an incredible woman through you all, and we’re starting strongly. I am having so really good and really busy day, to which I say thank you.

    I wrote a poem called “A Very Good Morning” that I would like to share with you all. Hope you like it.

    A Very Good Morning
    By Marshall Jones

    Her smile spans the horizon as I rise to meet her,
    the gentleness of her heat,
    the brightness of her light comes alive within me.
    I see decades through the clarity of her wisdom without one day breaking,
    time has no meaning, neither does life cast a shadow
    cause I taste her and sample the heavenliest.
    Heaven is looking upon me….
    Finally grasping after something that has been longing for me
    just as badly as her song has touched my soul,
    notes performing the melodies that mellows me,
    hope flows through limited characters but doesn’t limit our reach.
    With each moment I’m sent into the stratospheres of elation,
    her satellite ensuring that no ocean keeps me waiting,
    cause Cuxhaven has made itself home in my space,
    my faith completed by revelations of her face,
    never seen but makes me believe she’s graced me with her presence,
    I pray she’ll remain….
    Her smile spans the horizon as I rise to meet her,
    I seek her with everything I am, so I am everything…. With her!!!



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