• Rufus Rochell posted an update 3 months ago

    I was responsible for while behind bars, like raising $3700.00 dollars for the hurricane Katrina victims from inmates,
    also helping a young boy kid get a prosetic eye who got hit in the eye by a golf ball and either of the kids parents
    meaning the one that hit him in the eye or the one that lost the eye had insurance. The little boy wore a patch over
    his eye and was bullied at school. He now have a prosetic eye, thanks to Rufus. Also there was a popular radio personality
    out of Orlando, FL who was 30 years of age and upon her having her very first kid, the blood pressure went up and they
    couldn’t get it down and she died from that pregnancy and the little baby girl survived. I raised $1700.00 dollars and put
    it in the baby’s trust fund from prison. Those are just a few things I been involved with.

    • Diane

      I’d love to listen but I cannot figure out how. Help.

      • Diane

        Rufus, your exemplary history while incarcerated is so worthy of consideration. I will be praying for you. God bless you as you wait.

        • Rufus Rochell

          Thank you for your kind words Diane. I would enjoy thanking you more personally if that’s agreeable with you. If so , please inbox your email and I’ll send a corrlinks request to connect. Corrlinks is free to send emails for federal prisoners and their friends/family. Thank you Rufus Rochell



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