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    CX Systems Int’l. Inc.
    DBA African Artifacts Museum Exhibitions. Inc.
    CEO & Curator
    Cynthia R. Bailey

    Date: August 14, 2019

    TO: Honorable Judge Allen Winsor of the Northern District of Florida (Gainesville Division)

    COLEMAN, FLORIDA 33521-1032

    Although I did not know Mr. Rufus Rochell prior to his imprisonment, I have had the opportunity of communicating with him frequently for many years.

    He called me after reading a newspaper article about our business. I am impressed with his desire to volunteer to assist our business after I recovered form three (3) surgeries resulting from a near fatal auto accident. He did research and provided me with information to help during the recovery process. I still have to live with some issues but I continue to use the information he sent to stay healthy and continue our work in the community which is far more important.

    In our “Not for Profit” business, we provide Art Shows with Artists and we use the Artifacts from around the globe to teach about History and lifestyles of various cultures and their survival techniques.

    Even behind bars 31 years of his life, he was still reaching out to assist others who needed a hand-up after a fall. He deserves a second chance to do good for himself and his family because he has done so much good for others even while incarcerated.

    Your consideration of providing him freedom with enough time served will be greatly appreciated by many people whose lives have been improved by the good deeds Mr. Rufus Rochell has done to help many people inside and outside of prison.

    Respectfully Submitted,
    Cynthia R. Bailey



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