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    I am intelligent I am blessed

    I wonder what the world would be like if
    people love more and hated less

    I hear my grandmother’s voice

    I see her smile

    I want to rise above my circumstance

    I am intelligent I am blessed

    I pretend to be free

    I feel a gentle hand guiding me

    I touch freedom

    I worry for my children that they will grow with out a father’s touch

    I cry for the lost ones

    I am intelligent I am blessed

    I understand freedom is a state of mind and not my circumstance

    I say to think is to be

    I dream of the day I’ll be free

    I try to love more and hate less

    I hope I’ll be a better man today than I was yesterday

    I am intelligent I am blessed

    Word Challenge

    I see with clarity the house I am building it is a home with in a maze. I unwind my mind so it will stay clear, this is her dream home i scout out the most intricate parts it puts all in a daze who stare upon it its frame, it is built with precision, she unties the bow that says the task is done her soul is enriched as her and her love moves forth into everlasting.

    this was easy for me for all I did is come up with the theme I I go kind of like doodling out of lines and circles comes a picture, I chose the all the words in order because only a few was given I imagine I could use many if it was given



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