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    First; James last; Terry II doc no. 373986 , Wisconsin Secure Program Facility , POB 1000 , Boscobel , WI. 53805 USA , single , straight , male , Christian , born ; Evreux , France , 6 foot 4 inches tall , 200 pounds, can Corrlink.com email , willing to write overseas pen pals , seeking prayer partners, philanthropist , true crime novel enthusiasts , arm chair detectives and altruistic friends. Incarcerated since 11/ 1998 , earliest release 2029 if unable to build grassroots support system to gain my freedom. Wrongly imprisoned for kidnapping / sexual assault case.
    ” Nearly all men can stand adversity , but if you want to test a man’s character , give him power. ” Abraham Lincoln quote.
    The State of WI. v. James Terry II case no. 98 cf 2416 is a wrongful conviction of an innocent man . 21 years and counting erroneously imprisoned for crimes I never committed. Please come to the rescue and help an indigent minority overturn a 35 year miscarriage of justice.
    Reward me for having intestinal fortitude to compile police reports , trial transcripts , non presence alibi defense evidence and own perspective into a raw manuscript for an investigative tool.
    Bench trial verdict was a credibility determination. Research “JT’s story of Justice Denied ” , let’s set you up as Corrlink.com contact or snail mail and collectively discuss details of self deprecating novel.
    Yes, I am an European black man , whose French alien with US nationalized dual citizenship.Raised in France 5 years, Germany 4 years , and back / forth in USA.
    Places lived ) 1964 – 69 Evreux, France , 69 – 73 McGuire Air Force Base ( AFB) N.J., 73- 77 Katzweiler & Sembach AFB , Germany , 78 Malmstrom AFB , MT., 79 Portland , OR., 80 – 81 Vandenberg AFB , CA., 81 – 86 Burton & Beaufort, S.C., 13 months in SCDC , 1987 – Hurricane Hugo hit Sept. 22, 1989 N. Charleston S.C., 89 – 91 Joplin , Springfield & Independence, MO., 91 – 94 Des Moines , IA., 94 – 96 Eugene , OR., 96 98 Des Moines, Iowa City & Waterloo, IA., 98 until arrest Madison , WI. and currently Boscobel WI.
    Schools attended) K – 3rd McGuire AFB , N.J., 3rd – 7th ( DODDS) Department of Defense Dependent Schools , Sembach AFB , Germany , 8th North Junior H/S , Greatfalls, MT., 9th Lincoln H/S , Portland , OR., 10th – 11th Maple H/S , Vandenberg AFB , CA., 8/4/83 Battery Creek H/S , Burton , S.C graduate.
    1995 Lane Community College and Linfield College , Eugene , OR.
    Employment history ) A1 Insulation, Beaufort , SC , ( SCAD security officer ) Savannah College of Art Design , Savannah , GA., Red Ball Moving & Storage , N. Charleston, SC., Rosewood Production , Brazil , IN. , United Youth Careers, Des Moines ,IA. , Professional Speaking Inc., Madison, WI.
    Life event) While homeless in Madison WI. Friday 13th Nov. 1998 I became victim by hoax police report.
    Kristin Jurak said she was walking with an unknown m/b who solicitated her to be his prostitute & have sex with him on Thursday night Nov. 12th.
    Nov. 13th 6 p.m. her & Madison Police Officer John Radovan go to State St. looking for m/ b.
    At Taco Bell they see Juraks friend Paula Koehn. At Taco Bell Koehn tells Radovan she was kidnapped & forced to perform an act of fellatio with same m/b. She reports being abducted 12 hours midnight Sunday Nov. 8th until Monday Nov. 9th. Said she was scared to report offense.
    Said it happened on State St. Yet, here she is 60 miles from home in Beaver Dam , WI. being brave ( ?) & allegedly hanging out at scene of crimes origin.
    Can you name a victim of kidnapping that made an alleged 5 day delayed reaction in reporting after release ?
    Strategy ) I don’t have the education or wherewithal to do this on my own. This call to action comes with me campaigning via literary arts to build a following that may transition into prison reform activist that assist me in acquiring retainer fees to hire a private detective to obtain affidavits of my innocence from people in society.
    This newly discovered evidence will permit me to request University of Wisconsin Innocence Project to petition trial court for my freedom and exoneree status.
    In conclusion) Even though I sin. Hebrews 13: 1 – 3. Let brotherly love continue. Don’t forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels. Remember the prisoners as if chained with them * those who are mistreated * since you yourselves are in the body also.
    Will you be my guardian angel of mercy?
    WIDOC Policy ; @www.AccessCorrections.com is only authorized vendor for friends to gift JamesTerry 373986 via credit or debit card money directly onto inmate trust fund account.



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