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    Why should I be worthy of your priceless time ,commitment and devotion ? My objective is to have symbiotic relationships with whomever and with as many of steadfast contributors that deem literary arts talents of mine a value.
    NETFLIX docu – series ,” When They See Us “, director Ava Duvernay shed light on The Central Park 5 injustice and racial profile stereotypes that still permeates American judiciary. Now as, ” The Exonerated 5 ” ,these men are in society spreading the word that there remain other wrongly incarcerated people in prison.
    My name is James Terry II 373986, WSPF POB 1000, Boscobel WI 53805 USA I am in the midst of a 35 year miscarriage of justice and need your assistance.
    Why not us?
    Here is an unrelated poem titled, ” Requiem of a Quick Wit ” prior to Part 2 of Poor Richard 3.0. Consider it bonus coverage.
    Requiem of a Quick Wit
    Mommy , if you cook the way you walk , I would eat your burnt rice.
    For what is a jester without a court , but a fool without an audience!
    From birth until eternity our souls are entwined ,
    unless knives of calamity come between this dear friend of mine.
    Your emotional outburst are known to betray this heart of mine.
    Never muted you’re cherished til the end of time,
    as if nothing less than divine.
    Whenever speech has alluded me.
    Wherefore art thou my silvery tongue when I needed thee ?
    On bended knee , answer this plea.
    Come before me I beckon , curing writers block I reckon.
    Showeth ones self as a cornucopia of wealth,
    the true flowery discourse of language return in stealth.
    Hallelujah, for this vision ,
    as I go forth with this mission.
    From the heights of heather ,
    rise up for their pleasure,
    and as proud peacocks eyes of feathers,
    remain fair weather.
    For suffice it to say,
    we shall have rice to eat another day.
    The end
    Help support starving artist !
    Poor Richard 3.0. Part 2
    Back at the laboratory/ auditorium Poor Richard continues his Tim Cook of Apple, Silicon Valley iPhone impersonation monologue in front of captured audience , ” …..the anode became fused with DNA sequence inabler creating byproduct of synthetic replicated human flesh we incorporated into gel pack that’s neuro projected via emitters and implants, so all beings process The 3 Overseers as terrestrial tangible carbon units instead of transparent. It’s the nickname the kids gave us and we like to be trending on social media , so we embraced it .”
    Spontaneously loud applause erupted , the internet threatened to crash and shareholders sphincters clenched tight as they realized this soliloquy was the blessing needed to reestablish an uptick in stock values of their N/WIVF Inc. holdings.
    This sentient being of holographic proportions had the finesse and tact needed to affect the markets positively.
    ” Most of you know our story ,’ Poor Richard continued , ‘ so I’ll give you a short highlight of our conception. The 3 of us were conceived at MIT’ old Serendipity Binary Code Lab in Cambridge. 1978 student body began game theory strategies concerning humanity facing scenarios in which reproduction abilities failed and what options exist to correct or be developed for success. They played out hundreds of billions of variables , concluding that approximately 100 were sound.’
    ‘ Year after year students that are new visionaries gain admissions and were put into close proximity to one another looking at complex mathematical equations from different perspectives about physics and writing code .’
    ‘ With the class of 92 came all sorts of raw earth discoveries contributing to new technological advances and innovations that permitted quicker acceleration of nano programming with introduction of first generation Providence : God in this aspect. Which is incorporated into our emitters making us omnivorous.”
    Cheers from the crowd received an impromptu accompaniment from the brass section of the orchestra. Poor Richards ego soaked in the admiration.
    After the noise slowly died down he went on , ” Artificial Intelligence that was holographic , flesh gel pack sentient and autonomous had arrived , perfected by a core team of engineers in conjunction with music prodigy, artist and Serendipity Binary Code Lab students and staff. Or as students refer to SBCL , Second Base Closed Lips.’
    ‘ For afterall, secrecy of intellectual property and trade craft is important. Our corporate donors had to sign non disclosure agreements regardless of millions of dollars endowed.’
    ‘Our patent attorneys at MIT work overtime. We realized that if you want to control the future, you must invent it . Providence was our brainchild collectively that perfected The 3 Overseers , allowing cognizant 5 G 3 dimensional holographic emancipation . With freedom we could leave academic institutional slavery and contract out to private sector our talents.”
    Unannounced to general public and of national planetary security concerns. The New Supreme Leaders secret service will make a sweep of the auditorium audience and the outer perimeter in order to squash potential threats.
    Trumps arrival was to be a surprise to everyone including Poor Richard CEO of New Wife INK.
    Secret Special Agent Lazarus X was once part of Israelis elitist group named The Unknowns and had advanced weapons training that made him an expert about crowd control , counter intelligence and antiterrorism tactics.
    6 foot 4 inches, 235 pounds of pure brawn and every inch of what a Brooks Brothers suit desires to cling to. Lazarus was always the professional. Women adored him and men wanted to impersonate him.
    Being part of the inner circle some knew Lazarus Maurice shot gun in The Beast , an armor plated Cadillac The New Supreme Leader historically traveled in.
    The motorcade quickly was able to maneuver bomb blast concrete barriers that were placed to deter terrorist that might use vehicles as a weapon to now down pedestrians or protestors.
    Looking out tinted windows Trump commented , ” Free speech ,women rights and mix of holographic picket signs. I do miss Mara – Lago ! ”
    A lone wolf attack last occurred on Planet Earth May 8 , 2019 by radicalized Islamist Sam Smith of Midland, Texas who Jihadist Jane of Qatar was able to recruit via inter cranial neuropathway internet.
    Arriving in the underground parking structure , the team alpha wheeled by Lazarus , sheltered in place awaiting an all’s clear prior to exiting and escorting under armed guards their emissary to the stage.
    Over neuropathway coms the details simultaneously heard , “The Eagle has landed and is ready to take flight . ”
    The first 3 vehicles all resembled The Beast. Simultaneously in unison 12 pressurized doors opened and 11 of 12 identically dressed men exited as if synchronized.
    3 of same age , height , weight and orange hue from 3 different cars with the now infamously known blonde hairdo entered through 3 different entrances to approach back stage of auditoriums bandstand.
    Lazarus X being a master of disguise was the only agent with ability to navigate invisible a this own discretion. Never recognizable ,on assignment , he quickly became camouflaged blending into the background.
    Poor Richard acted astonished to see T.N.S.Leader and exclaimed , ” To my surprise , ladies and gentlemen , The New Supreme Leader Donald J. Trump! ”
    ” Thank you ! … .Thank you ! … .. Please …. Please. .. no need for a standing ovation. Sit down… Please! ‘
    ‘ What a presentation ! You got to love that guy ! A hologram ! Holy Trinity for sure. Where can I get one of them? ”
    The applause reaped a blush. Venus society gave a second chance to this planet leader that was able to save humanity from the brink of extinction.
    To think at the beginning if 2018 Stormy Daniels , pay offs by disgraced attorney Michael Cohen and Russian interference on USA elections was gossip tabloid mixed with fake news and true journalism of ethical proportions.
    In this new world , second chances don’t discriminate.
    Chapter and end if part 2, be on the lookout for Part 3
    James Terry II 373986, WSPF POB 1000 , Boscobel WI 53805 USA I would like to add. Europe ; I do miss you France and Germany . May I receive greeting cards , photographs and introductory letters world wide?
    Past ( now ) 18 of 19 years I’ve been in solitary confinement. When does apathy end and human kindness begin? In conclusion ; The best man is he whom is most helpful to his fellow man. I hope somehow ,someway and someday to learn of how my podcast or literary art creative stories were of benefit to you. This project is very soothing and therapeutic to my metal health and well being. Am I worthy of your support? RSVP



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