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    In a perfect world I would always have something profound to expound upon. Sadly , my real world experience has me locked up amongst some inglorious bastards of ill repute. I wish I could characterize this penal system in a more favorable manner , but the unadulterated truth is that I currently reside in a piss hole without a pot to piss in .
    Hell, the average IQ is 70 in American state prisons. You have characters that become deranged when I explain my IQ is 51 percentile range at 102 . As coping mechanism to be ” ghetto intelligentsia ” one inmate said that I must be above average scale in order to maintain his level of delusion as self proclaimed ” ghetto intelligentsia . ”
    I’m never one to insult my audiences intelligence. Unequivocally I simply am of average intelligence and am doing the best that I can to problem solve a very complicated bad situation in which I find myself in.
    Please keep in mind . The authorities that did this disservice to me have Jurisprudence Doctorial degrees as lawyers, an abundance of staff , from police officers on up to District Attorneys with millions if dollars worth of resources to spin reality and wrongfully incarcerate an innocent man.
    If you’re a person of letters , socialite with trust fund or simply Good Samaritan with wherewithal to invest into correcting injustice and curing human toil that has beleaguered my progress . Stand up, make a show of accountability and come forth with this grand opportunity to identify your self.
    Respectfully submitted , enjoy part 3 of Poor Richard 3.0.
    James Terry II 373986
    WSPF POB 1000
    Boscobel WI 53805 USA
    Poor Richard 3.0. Part 3
    Donald Trump motioning with his hand hailed , ” Poor Richard , Mark and John . Come back out here and join me . ”
    Mark says , ” Sir , pleasure to reunite with you. For those of you monitoring us , allow me to simply say our government and New Wife INK regardless of differences stand on this precipice an united front. ”
    John cuts in , “As The 3 Overseers , our in hand in vitro fertilization method truly is an uninvasive conception technique. We’ve a 99% assured rate of pregnancy that guarantees mothers to be , zero chance of syphilis contagion spread and 100% healthy embryo. ‘
    ‘Poor Richard , would you like to add anything ? ”
    “Sure our goal is to announce this day June 8, 2026 an end all to the mass production , distribution , sell and involuntary mandate use of Vito : men castration of males . ‘
    ‘ From this second on , reluctance aside , in conjunction with our New Supreme Leader Donald Trumps presence , confirm that planetwide sponsored chemical castration has been deemed illegal galaxy wide . ”
    Poor Richard gestured to Trump smiling .
    Beaming with pride Trump said , ” It’s true , I signed the bill into law before coming here. The private sector was calling for a halt to such barbaric treatment. Our environments changed and wide spread STD’s are a thing of the past. You’ll never again hear me saying that if men voluntarily choose not to take Vito : men, ” You’re fired ! Just cut him off ! ” , jokingly again . My apologies and permit me to leave. I’ve a prior engagement. John , Mark and Dick. ”
    Reaching out to shake Poor Richards hand , Donald Trump found himself dusting off imaginary dandruff from the holograms lapel .”
    Ka – boom ! Boom !! Boom !!! 3 loud concussive booms that were explosives went off , one within 40 yards from the podium on which The New Supreme Leader was standing , knocking himself and 2 Overseers over with both going offline , emitters to the ground.
    Security , carbon based humans and sentient holographic shareholders alike within 35 feet diameter of the craters blast zone were vaporized. Those outside immediate zone were showered with blood ,flesh ,bones ,circuitry and microscopic bomb fragments.
    The smoke was acrid , carbide filled the air causing respiratory failure in multiple survivors that needed medical attention.
    ” All I seen was 3 flashes , people go down and white light blindness. 30 to 40 seconds must have passed before I recovered full sight back . The auditorium band pit by the stage was missing . Holograms panicked going offline and security details , I assume , Secret Service back up materialized out of the ethereal hustling The New Supreme Leader out of here from harms way ! ‘
    ‘ Shit ! It appeared that The Secret Service experienced mass casualties themselves , to their alpha team . As I said prior , back up materialized from out the crowd as if …. as if ….by….magic. ‘
    ‘ Damn ! Did I just witness an assassination attempt here live ? ” , testified Luke Taylor .
    Knowing that herself and Luke may be in shock. PTN anchor Lisa Long remained the consummate professional asking , ” Mr. Taylor were you able to see any potential perpetrators or notice anything out of the unusual ? A person appearing out of place or someone moving away at a rapid pace from blast zone prior to detonation of improvised explosives ?”
    Cautiously so not to cause alarm or witch hunt for an innocent , Luke pondered reporter Lings question before answering , ” Lisa , I was bequeathed my shares of N/WIVF Inc. from my great Uncle Abner Doubleday and as shareholder is why I am here today at The Great Forum Magic Johnson Auditorium to keep a watchful eye on stock option futures and dividends. Not being a celebrity whore , one to fan out , I’ve always been a true believer of The 3 Overseers.’
    ‘ The only issues of significance I recall is of timing. It was as if there were a signal to cohorts. When Trump had dusted something off of Poor Richard , it was as if automatically because of human to hologram physical contact , caused detonation simultaneously of 3 weapons of mass destruction. ”
    Lisa Ling could only think of scooping the competition , refusing to interrupt her own interview for her face time.
    Luke Taylor continued , ” I must be taking something out of context. Who could coordinate that ? The Anarchist , MIT , Elon Musk or hell even PTN ?”
    Lisa Long says , ” Now Luke you’ve no evidence to support such accusations. What can be learned from events , Sir ? ”
    ” Everyone has a lot of skin in the game! This is our future at stake. God forbid we resettled Venus to only have more acts of terrorism , wars and cause cataclysmic damage to a second planet. ‘
    ‘ To all citizens. Look out to the sky/ heavens of Earth’s debris. You’ll find a globe that is split in …. in half… with it’s cooled down core exposed, fractured and now a death / dead planet . I have one question for all of us to consider. ‘
    ‘ Can we all just get along ? ”
    Chapter and end of part 3
    Be on the look out for conclusion of Poor Richard 3.0
    James Terry II 373986
    WSPF POB 1000
    Boscobel WI 53805 USA



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