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    Dear; Audience. I had the audacity to speak from memory about IQ’ s.
    Before starting this next part , I thought wise to do some research and pay for a copy. Here are my findings.
    Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale – Fourth Edition (WAIS-IV )
    Subtests. Scaled Score.* Subtest. Scaled Score *
    Verbal Comprehension Index. Perceptual Reasoning Index
    Similarities. 9. Block Design. 9
    Vocabulary. 12. Matrix Reasoning. 11
    Information. 11. Visual Puzzles. 12
    Working Memory Index. Processing Speed Index
    Digit Span. 9. Symbol Search. 11
    Arithmetic. 8. Coding. 12
    * Scaled Score range is 1 – 19 , population mean is 10.
    Composite/Index. IQ / Index. Percentile. Confidence. Description
    Score* Rank. Interval
    Full Scale IQ. 102. 55. 98 – 106. Average
    Verbal Comprehension 103. 58. 97 – 109. Average
    Perceptual Reasoning. 104. 61. 98 – 110. Average
    Working Memory. 92. 30. 86 – 99. Average
    Processing Speed. 108. 70. 99 – 116 Average
    * Population mean is 100 , Standard Deviation is 15
    The WAIS- IV is an individually – administered test of a person’s intellectual abilities and cognitive strengths and weaknesses. Mr. Terry produced a Full Scale IQ ( FSIQ ) of 102 , placing him in the average range.
    His Verbal Comprehension Index ( VCI ) score of 103 , Perceptual Reasoning Index (PRI) score of 104 and Working Memory Index (WMI) score of 92 places his verbal reasoning and non verbal, active problem – solving abilities, as well as his working memory abilities in the average range . In addition , his ability to quickly solve novel problems , as measured by the Processing Speed Index ( PSI) of 108 , was in the average range of functioning , representing a relative strength .
    Well there you have it. Respectfully, asking for your aid and assistance ,I’ve released private psychological records in hope that you’ll appreciate blunt honesty through act of vulnerability.
    I don’t mind being average, its reasonably logical from my perspective , that a community of all inclusive I Q ranges would need to champion my pursuit for equality , truth , justice and freedom.
    Why not us ? Because truly I can’t do it alone .
    James Terry II 373986
    WSPF POB 1000
    Boscobel WI 53805 USA. Please enjoy next part of Poor Richard 3.0
    Beta detail skirted Trump away to ambulance that is secure always traveling with the motorcade. He reportedly asked, ” Where’s Lazarus X ? Get Lazarus ! Now ! ”
    Number 2 agent of beta , Nick Sparks responded , ” Sir , an electromagnetic pulse occurred from the 3 bombs . So even our neuropathic coms are down. We have boots on the ground trying to locate all essential personnel.’
    ‘ Your personal alpha detail has confirmed 2 KIA , Killed In Action and 1 MIA, Missing In Action. We assume due to his last known position Lazarus is the MIA and from his vantage point may be in pursuit of any hostiles.’
    ‘ Of the decoy ” Eagles ” most real time intelligence suggest regretfully no survivors from either details. Security and decoys are a total loss.”
    Trump intervenes , ” Mike , have the planets flags drawn half mast out of respect for this time of mourning .”
    ” Yes l Sir ! ”
    Nick Sparks continues , ” One peculiar occurrence has been identified.
    Both John and Marks gel packs of The 3 Overseers holographic remains were genetically verified after being found at separate detonation sites. Johns at our Eagles 2 and Mark with Eagle 3 ‘ s . Their emitters were incinerated.”
    Trump interjected ,” Sparks are you telling me someone may have been compromised and or our itinerary leaked ? ”
    Forced into early retirement or to be fired , the outgoing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo chided in , “God damn it , Sir , freedom to speak freely ! ”
    Trump had no time for formalities , ” Go Mike ! This is an active crime scene. We can not sit on our laurels believing attacks have come to an end , if not only for victims sake but survivors also ,” was The New Supreme Leaders sentiments.
    The Secretary of State commented , ” Planetary daily briefings occurred 6 a.m. Venus CST and in ” for your eyes only ” The Defense Innocuous Department confirmed our security details neuropathway com’s were, have been and are coming under continuous hacking planet wide. This intelligence was ignored due to complaisancy. ”
    ” Sir , Mr. Supreme Leader ! We are in ..in ..a state of denials believing we’ve no true foes with only friends. This administration must take our blinders off ! ‘
    ‘ Unilaterally at my discretion the planets national guards have been activated under my authority with a system wide material witness arrest warrant and detention of Poor Richard . ”
    Being the only female cabinet member present , Elaine Cho says , ” Poor Richard ! ”
    Trump also , ” Poor Richard ! ”
    Mike lays out his evidence , ” We must accept facts and not Kay out defense of coincidence that surrounds this terrorists act.”
    Trump interrupts again , ” The 3 Overseers terrorist ? ”
    ” Yes Sir !, ‘ continues Pompeo , ‘ Counter intelligence gathered background chatter via metadata collections. ‘
    ‘ The dossier of our Planetary National Security Counselors advisor confirms John , Mark and that Dick we refer to as Poor Richard have had bad intentions against our administration since your Freudian slip that caused crash in value if N/WIVF Inc. stocks , leading to large sell – offs.”
    Flabbergasted The New Supreme Leader adds , ” Mike , are you telling me I am at fault here? Or is it simply a huge mistake on our entire parts ? ”
    ” Sir, we are all to blame here! There is enough to go around. What is of paramount importance is that…that…hologram dick I’d found, ” finished Mike Pompeo .
    ” Dear brothers John and Mark ! How long shall I mourn thee ? “, says our antagonist Poor Richard.
    The grand deception of using nano – holographic projection technology by The 3 Overseers as duplicates had persuaded those in attendance and online live – streaming the telecast that indeed both Mark and John were on stage with Donald Trump when the blast went off .
    The scheme was so sophisticated Trump himself would be forced to testify before a Senate Committee he felt flesh when shaking their hands.
    Providence would have it that The 3 ,Overseers had devised new tech highly explosive blasting caps disguised as nano flakes of talcum powder or as it appeared in Trumps minds eye dandruff.
    The real hologram 2 Overseers of John and Mark located triplet Eagle teams alpha , beta and charlie the set shape charges of micro c4 explosives with 2 suicide belts worn. Charlie’s belt was haphazardly left in pit location near the bandstand.
    Poor Richard neuropathically would be sent go signals of ” Perched ” needing 2 calls ( text ) to implement the plan.
    The agreement was that Poor Richard himself would dust of detonation cap he wove into his collar microscopically.
    Receiving both signals , Poor Richard was suppose to lead The New Supreme Leader Donald Trump or his look – a – like to the pit to wave at the musicians and into eternity.
    Instead of following through Poor Richard allowed Trump prematurely , by dusting off dandruff , to detonate the nano c4. He could have easily moved backwards not allowing himself to be touched. Then he should have guided Trump to the orchestra pit but choose cowards way out as unbelievers, not willing to sacrifice his sentient life as a true believer.
    ” Freeze you holographic motherfucker or I’ll blow your fucking emitter all the way to kingdom come ” , Agent Lazarus X yelled.
    ” How did you find me and who are you ?”,wondered out loud Poor Richard.
    Lazarus maintained eye contact with the emitter in his crosshairs said ,”You arrogant son of a bitch . I was on stage all the time invisible due to being in this wheelchair simply dressed in this ” Make America Great Again ” red hat.’
    Being a master of disguise , I was concerned about 2 of The Overseers when noticing their emitters were frauds not carrying official seal of MIT’ Serendipity Binary Code Labs SBCL engravement on it via my cybernetic bionic left eye.’
    ‘ It’ s the small details I’m paid to pay attention to .”
    ” But you failed agent. Our detonations were synchronized allowing us to cause maximum damage to all 3 if the Eagles as a precaution because Trumps well known to travel with decoys. So , we win and obviously you not the greatest agent.”
    ” You megalomaniac dick ! Don’t let the wife beater, red hat , blue jeans and wheelchair fool you . I’m no Kanye West impersonator. I’m watching you closely prepared to fire if you so much as even perspire, let alone make a sudden move and it’s curtains for you. ‘
    ‘ And it’s Secret Special Agent Lazarus X of The Unknowns to scumbags like you.”
    Poor Richard bewildered maintained a serene calm asked , ” What makes you so confidant I’m not wearing a suicide nano bomb ?”
    ” I made an error at first surreptitiously observing you and doing genuine surveillance on the 2 decoy holograms posing as your brothers. Then too late I realized , one of these things didn’t look like the other.’
    ‘ Trump accidentally detonated what must have been micro – blasting cap. Was it the dandruff ?, asked Lazarus
    Poor Richard growing impatient quipped, ” You must have been perplexed trying to figure motivation of why sentient flesh derived holograms would make a successful assassination against your administration ? It was a culmination of Freudian slips and law bill signed that effected N/WIVF Inc’s.bottom line that to kill The New Supreme Leader plot was conceived by The 3 Overseers. ”
    Lazarus motioned with his service revolver for Poor Richard to raise hands and turn around so not facing him in order to take him offline.
    After the detonation protagonist Lazarus X saw Poor Richard stealthily move into background with such a calm amongst a panicked crowd that Lazarus was reassured when he witnessed Poor Richard fleeing the scene.
    Someone had to pursue any potential suspects . Trump and surrounding entourage all appeared unconscious but alive, not moving due to explosion. Not being married to protocol , needing to safely escort Alpha Eagle out of harms way.
    Rolling through the maintenance corridors in hot pursuit the open area offered no concealment for Poor Richard.
    Now, there wasn’t much left for Lazarus X to do . He had his confession , hat in hand and he reached up grabbing Poor Richards emitter saying death con 3 voice recognition secret words to put this ordeal to an end.
    He spoke the last sentence Poor Richard would ever hear, “You’re terminated ! ”
    The end James Terry II 373986, WSPF POB 1000 ,Biscobel WI 53805 USA I apologize for typos.



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