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    Science fiction alternative history anyone? Why holograms you may ask the author? Years and decades isolated in confines of The Industrial Prison Complex here in America as a disenfranchised citizen earning slave wages of 4¢ an hour. It is as if I am The Invisible Man . Blind , deaf and dumb . Patiently, I had to await an opportunity for someone to engage with me to open my eyes , lifting the veil of darkness for me to see society’s willingness to soothe what ails me. My ears where closed, due to the injustice that based on unconscious bias and institutional racism within the judiciary denied me a fair trial. And sadly, buried deep in the belly of the beast , long term solitary confinement , muted me not allowing my voice to be raised.
    So, now I’ve been rejuvenated having new prospect of building grassroots support system with prison reformers , activist , commercial publishers , literary agents and altruistic people that simply believe that second chances don’t discriminate.
    My name is James Terry II 373986 ,WSPF POB 1000 , Boscobel WI 53805 USA I cordially invite you to critique my work and at your leisure question me about my fight for truth, equality, justice and freedom.
    I am interested in seeing, hearing and communicating with sea of humanity.
    Enjoy ; Poor Richard 3.0. Part 1
    Twist and turns suspense as The Planet Venus New Supreme Leader comes under attack.
    Syhphilitc Wars has left mankind to elect U.S. President Donald J Trump to be appointed, The New Supreme Leader for recolonization of Venus.
    N/WIVF Clinic Inc. holograms oversee in vitro fertilization , reseeding The Milky Way Galaxy.
    The night was hot and miserable for even the Nevada desert. Purple and orange hues lit up the sky. The breeze had hints of bramble in the air, along with the taste of decomposition. After all, the wilderness can be a harsh, cruel and unforgiving environment.
    Area 51 is such a place!
    October 12,1945 7 p.m.in close proximity to United States Air Corp military base , units on patrol came across what at first appears as a thermos. 24 inches long, girth of 9 inches , this silo shaped object was made of alloy not of the Earth.
    Once worlds farmost specialists gained access , they concluded that the top secret material is in fact alien technology debris that is still viable and is a germination device that gives planets flora and fauna.
    Named ” Our Secret Garden ” , until Voyager and Cassini this project blue book tech was never implemented. And then when it was, Gardens of Eden were only for Mars and Venus. The general public would never know what International Space Station Astronauts and Cosmonauts knew about classified missions until The Syphilitic Wars.
    On Venus gravity, oxygen, sunshine ( with biosphere) was equal to that on Earth. Mars is for men and Venus for women.
    Earth has suffered a cataclysmic catastrophe from a thermal nuclear syphilitic seven year war. The outbreak and missile launches forced humankind to recolonize. Life had been normal on Earth until 2018. Nations as usual had pestilence, malnutrition and warfare. The voracious death rate from syphilis and other STD’s was alarming.
    For the spread of democracy, nations were accustomed to state sponsored acts of terrorism disguised as policing oneanother.
    Since inauguration date American President Donald Trump and his administration had tapped into Ted Williams Cryogenics Labs resources of stem cell technology , extending their lifespans longevity by decades too come.
    His cohorts traumatized all news media outlets into such a degree of paralysis, citizenry display inability to discern between real and fake news.
    The uncharacteristic way that Kellyanne Conway dismantled intelligence while distributing true alt – right propaganda sadly was misinformation that’s masterful yet, supported inequality.
    Those in power control the narrative.
    Advance to post apocalyptic Earth and we find ourselves 2026 Venus star date and U.S. President Donald Trump is now titled ; The new Supreme Leader.
    Thanks to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT students, staff and donors had foresight to Invision safety protocol for possibilities of extinction level event scenarios and were able to utilize science as tool to tap into intellectual property of prodigies to save mankind.
    Who could have thought sexually transmitted diseases would wipe out 90% of us leading to mutual assured destruction via nuclear holocaust?
    ” Welcome shareholders and potential investors. I am your Chief Executive Officer Poor Richard. Today’s board meeting will focus on our current and future options as this company moves forward.’
    ‘ Please do not be shy! PTN , The Planetary Television Network cameras will be shooting simulcast ,live steaming broadband to the general public our quarterly reports board meeting. Because of planetary security concerns to repopulate our new home. This company New Wave IVF Clinics Inc. ( N/WIVF Inc. pronounced : New Wife INK ) must diversify.’
    ‘ Negroids, Mongoloids and Caucasoids must reproduce via artificial insemination in cohesive unity that seeds the high heavens.”
    The Holy Trinity called New Wife INK is headed by 3 sentient autonomous hologram human DNA fleshtone gel packed emitting drone officers the kids have nicknamed , ” The 3 Overseers ! ”
    CEO Poor Richards black, COO Mark is Asian and CFO John is white.
    Poor Richard continues , ” The criticisms have been harsh against this company of late and advertisers have pulled out ads. The recent recall of Vito: men ; our chemical castration pharmaceutical pill by The Center for Disease and Control caused a drastic fall in shares.’
    ‘ The New Supreme Leader Donald Trump made several impeachable Freudian slips that led to large sell offs of N/WIVF Inc. stocks and bonds that inferred insider trading.’
    ‘ In evidence is our codependency on The Milky Way Galaxy while also having an intimate holistic relationship with terrestrial beings,. rest assured , New Wife INK shall survive this setback by staying true to our moto of ; Fetus first ! ”
    Outside of the auditorium/ laboratory new era cosmonaut picketing demonstrators wore neuro implants that give them real time internet access via nano tech which allows for holographic capabilities. The cause was anti government consortium monopoly with New Wife INK and that life starts as fetus. Which ironically is also N/WIVF Inc. position.
    We’ll never learn if it was oxygen rich self contained atmospheric spacesuits worn or neuro-link to internet that made experts of everyone in any field that caused anarchist ability to organize crowds so fast.
    The passive aggressive marches and large gatherings are unique. With the cybernetic link, communication became moreso telepathic than verbal.
    Verbal language usage is common courtesy out of habit instead of new social norm.
    Demonstrators inter phase text DMing and picket signs are clean green because individuals project grievances as holograms instead of tangible pasteboard that eventually clogs landfills.

    The Syphilitic Wars were so devastating and fast. International Space Station settlement construction crews used memory steel reconstruction modular cubicles with ability to house up to 70 million hue/man beings, shelter is available.
    All nations and private sectors with decommissioned SST’s , passenger rockets or space craft that could help expedite mass exodus evacuation were confiscated.
    Elon Musk SpaceX reusable rockets were great asset saving alot of lives from continent of Africa . His mantra of ” Technology should be free to all ,” is a noble act of philanthropy. Actions speak louder than words.
    Shu Lin Key , billionaire of Ali BaBa fame donated food stuff , grain , and bounty of germinated seedlings. These were paramount for hydroponics , saving millions of plant species.
    The WWII 1945 Planetary Billionaires Legacy Fund was crucial in distribution of water , fuel and medication to hardest hit regions exposed to pandemic. Penicillin shortages occurred early on. Dosages were discovered to be contaminated. Impending doom on a nuclear level was on horizon.
    How long would it be before launch codes used releasing ICBM’s , Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles ?
    2020 July 14 lotteries globally for healthy citizens were held for safe passage to colonize Venus. Preparation for our New Ellis Island immigrants was fast tracked , that even a welcome center was built in order to assist pioneers. August 1 st would be the first arrivals.
    In the new era settlement , pioneers reflected back in time realizing their views on freedom of speech and women’s rights to choose conflicted with Venusian anarchist who were protestors.
    Was it survivors guilt associated with desire to receive the all clear CDC health alert via text ? This would allow hue /women to resume universal safe sex practise. Or was it shame associated with leaving apocalyptic massacre behind before the nukes were released ?
    Tears fell , pent up rage was rampant and the anguish witnessing hail of bullets survivors used unleashing on lived ones too ill , that were contagious , attempting to highjack transports to escape off planet.
    When point of no return occurred , interplanetary ” MAD ” happened. Nuclear weapons detonated and off- world leaders had reported, The Quarantine of Earth a success.
    Mutual Assured Destruction became fact instead of fiction.
    Victory over victim.
    Months prior , President of The United States of America Donald J. Trump petitioned United Nations dignitaries convincing them he was the point man needed for their mission.
    His constituencies voted him almost unanimously in granting him job of governing Venus with title of New Supreme Leader. ( North Korea only hold out )
    Trump declared he wants, ” To lead the repopulation of our species in order to , ‘ Make Humanity Great Again! ‘ ”
    He was recorded in archives saying, This is going to be a huge task and I am expecting great things out of my Viceroys Kanye and Kim Kardashian West . ”
    Donald Trump mounted with his neuro implant took to his Twitter account and neuropathically went on tweeting war campaign against PTN anchor Lisa Long , declaring her reporting fake news.
    Ironically , she was congratulating him for success in acquiring his new title .
    Please be vigilante awaiting part 2
    James Terry II 373986
    WSPF POB 1000
    Boscobel WI53805 USA P.S. Be advised this story has an ending and is not a work in progress.



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