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    • Maurice Tyree

      Hello, Jasmine. Here are my answers for the questionnaire.

      1. A) From the structure of living in an expanded imperialistic society(class system), its’ politico-economic aliason(capitalism), and its’ governing jurisprudence and long standing enactment(the thirtieth amendment’s ‘exception clause’), to say the least, no I was not.

      2. A) No they are not. Just on the surface, reentry services and resources should compliment both inside as well as outside social norms, first and foremost. Then, every individual should be assessed adequately inside before reentering so that their risk and needs could be met formally for a realistic transition back into society. Crimes and sentencing are somewhat applied on this bases so why not reentry?

      3. A) By the very same manner in which it built upon itself; systematically exploiting human being.
      Depending on the times that exist(ed), the characteristics of the people and methods have been diversified, but it has always seen exploitation as a necessity for progress due to the nature of its’ economical authority, capitalism. Thereby, we have always been in a crisis of some sort that have reached levels of epidemic proportions through our expansion existence.

      4. A) Well, I believe you cannot step in an adequate manner until you first reason. We have to follow a simple law of nature which is; Order then Motion. Mental order will ensure that we take a historical approach to where we are today. Majority of the laws, policies, and regulations of yesterday were enacted in a time when we lived in a vastly broken legislated society for the majority.
      In a nutshell, today’s crisis is an outgrowth from those yesterdays. Today I believe that it is true that the vast amount of people are not excessively prejudice or racist, however, those broken enactments were bottled into institutions that systematically then, as well as today, keep prejudice and racist ideologies practical and alive. We live in an undisturbed phase of the outgrowth of thos times. (i.e., we live and play together, then we go to work or school and become prejudice, then call it survival).

      5. A) That it is totally mentally unstable. Its’ dynamics from start(criminal court) to finish(prison system) are profoundly Bipolar and Schizophrenia. I believe that the root of this lies in our American beginning in which I wrote about above. One minute it expresses its’ pleasure of advancing the human content, then, within the very same minute it reduces the human content into a mere shadow within its’ advancements. I strongly believe that the mass majority of men and women that are incarcerated want to be and do better so that they may participate and be of use to their society, however, a concerted effort to disenfranchise them makes them just as mentally unstable as the system in which they are supposed to be included.
      So, superficial behavioral adjustments as a remedy become the motion of the day.

      6. A) My position is as it has always been since my birth into this society as a member of the lowest, unskilled, and uneducated class of the society. I’ve been displaced from one corporate milieu to the other unimpeded.

      7. A) 40 more years of unchecked, perpetuated laws, policies, and regulations mentioned above, with the additional of thousands more enactments. Maintained by the methods of the leading class which can be observed clearly through the existing methods of each president of the United States of America. From the fraudulent ‘War On Crime’ spearheaded by Nixon and kept solidified by Clinton.

      8. A) I don’t quite understand much of it, besides its’ need to satisfy a quarterly requirement that would include some and the behest of excluding more.

      9. A) Hyperbolic. Exclusive. Rhetorical.

      In addition: I mimick the words of activist and author, Walidah Imarisha, in her introduction to the book, Octavia’s Brood: Science Fiction From social Justice Movements; “whenever we try to envision a world without war, without violence, without prisons, without capitalism, we are engaging in Speculative Fiction.”

      Respectfully Submitted,
      Maurice Tyree



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