Along with obstruction of Justice, yes all being non-violent crimes. This gentleman Rufus Rochell, has been in federal custody since May 31st, 1988. We all know whenever the judges and prosecutors hand out sentences where you have to stay inside a 8 by 10 ft cell or room, for 30 years plus is that they are confining you to your death cambers and expecting you to come out as a corpses or delusional. Thank God that I’m still here to tell the story, but part of their mission was accomplished and the pain of losing the ones that was most dearest to many of us, my dear mother and wonderful father. I am sadden to even thank about it, but God will guide me through and I ask for many your prayers for not only me, but my family and others that have endured the same. I refuse to be silent and I understand prison is like being “buried alive”, especially when you come inside of these places and get comfortable and relaxed. I refuse to be that type of person and forever be a person of GOD, and lead others to the road of righteous, rather than a road of destruction.” The story you are reading is real and not to make a profit as many grieving thirst, money hustlers and so-called politicians have their hands out especially during election to hear and their story is often fabricated with lies concerning “CRIMINAL JUSTICE”. My advice to many of you that are reading my story is to question “Mr. Joseph Biden, and others why is Rufus Rochell still in federal prison after 31 plus years of so-called “GHOST DRUGS.” Especially when an indictment only charge Rufus with 50 grams or more and its jurors verdict reached by the 12 members Mr. Rochell being guilty of 50 grams as stated in the indictment! Where is JUSTICE, FREE RUFUS ROCHELL after 31 years held in federal prison! Wear your tee shirts, with “FREE RUFUS ROCHELL a man who been imprisoned to long.” God bless, Rufus Rochell #08628-017 Federal Correctional Complex-Med. P.O. Box 1032 Coleman, FL 33521-1032

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