Inmate Lives Matter Advocacy and Activism

Incarcerate US Podcast Host Dant’e Cottingham Interviews Andrea Jones Fordd from behind Prison walls. Dant’e is America’s 1st and Only Incarcerated Podcast Host.

As the wife of an incarcerated man Andrea learned quickly that the Criminal Justice System was anything but Just.

Andrea Jones-Fordd – As a avid and passionate Advocate of Prison Reform Andrea spends her time fighting for the rights of the incarcerated, their loved ones and friends. This is not a path chosen by the faint of heart, it’s a challenge that demands inner strength, commitment and dedication. Here she shares her hopes for reform, her mission and her goals.

What is Inmate Lives Matter?

Inmate Lives Matter  is a group for helping to organize demonstrations and giving a voice to those who are currently in prison. To advocate and support in any way they can. To fight big government and keep them from making them numbers and not human beings, and to guide and support those in need of help.

Activist and Advocate

Prison reform is Andrea's goal, her desire for a just legal system and fair treatment of all prisoners is the driving force behind her energy and pursuit for change. As a wife of a former incarcerated man she understands the pitfalls and the challenges both men and women face in an unfair, profit focused prison environment.


Andrea Advocates for family/friends and Prisoners in need. She offers advice, assistance and support.


Andrea is a visionary with a passion for helping others understand that their struggles are not theirs alone but can be assisted with the support and assistance of a concerned and like minded community.

Podcast Host

Andrea is an amazing public speaker. Public speaking is one of many attributes that Andrea possesses. She is the Online Host of 'Let's Talk Fridays' and one of the Incarcerate US Hosts.

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