Assoc. Prof Kristin Reed – Rehabilitation and Reentry in Virginia

Incarcerate US Podcast Host Jerome Dillard  a formerly incarcerated person who is the re-entry coordinator for Dane County (WI) and an organizer with Ex-Prisoners Organizing (EXPO)Interviews Assoc. Prof Kristen Reed. 

Assoc. Prof Kristin Reed advocate for public education

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Harris Hall, Room 5106
1015 Floyd Ave.
Richmond, VA 23284
P.O.Box 842015


Kristin Reed is an advocate for public education and criminal justice reform based in Richmond Virginia. At the time of recording Kristin served as a volunteer and member of the board at Opportunity Alliance Reentry, a reentry services organization dedicated to the empowerment of individuals and communities impacted by incarceration. Kristin teaches in the Department of Focused Inquiry at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Kristin Reed joined VCU’s Department of Focused Inquiry in 2009 and served as the UNIV111/112 Curriculum and Textbook Coordinator from 2014-2017. Her doctoral research centered on Russian and Irish poetry, interdisciplinary studies, and narration of trauma. Working in Russia and Ireland, she witnessed localized conflicts informed by larger political transitions and developed an interest in the ways writing and publishing allowed individuals opportunities to counter the narratives offered by political and judicial systems. Today her research focuses on counter-storytelling, alternative publication, and narrative method in conflict analysis.

Outside of VCU Kristin volunteers as teacher and a member of the board at Opportunity Alliance Re-entry, as a member of Richmond City’s Citizen Advisory Commission on Alternatives to Incarceration, and on the planning committee for Richmond’s Community Justice Film Series.

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