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Incarcerate US Podcast Host Julie Cottingham Interviews Inmate Bryan Adams about his case. Speaking from Prison Bryan explains how he was convicted, the reasons he believes it happened and how he is now seeking Justice and Freedom with the help, love and support of his wife and family.

Bryan Adams

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The Wrongful Conviction and fight for Freedom of a Maryland Prisoner.

On August 7, 2013, Floyd Myers reported he and his friend, John Hamlett, were victims of an armed robbery at a park by two men. He claimed his car was taken. Police found the car the same day two miles away, drug paraphernalia was found inside the vehicle.

A partial fingerprint was found on the steering wheel of the vehicle, and was matched to Bryan Adams, who was interviewed by police on September 18, 2013. Bryan was unable to remember what he was doing that day, but was positive he had not been at the park on the day in question, had never been in Myers’ vehicle, and, further, did not drive, as he did not have a license.

At trial, Myers testified that he did not recognize Adams as the man who robbed him, nor had he seen the assailant who confronted Hamlett during the subject robbery. Hamlett did not turn up to testify.

Errors and Failures in the Case

The defense failed to vigorously challenge the reliability of the fingerprint identification.Solely on the basis of the partial fingerprint match, Bryan was convicted and sentenced to consecutive sentences of 20 years for armed carjacking and 20 years imprisonment, all but ten years suspended, for the use of a handgun in the commission of a felony, as well as a concurrent sentence of 15 years for the robbery with a dangerous weapon.

To learn more about Bryan and his fight for exoneration please go to the following links.


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Please go to Facebook and get updates and further information on his continued struggle. If you have any information that could help Bryan obtain his freedom please contact the facebook page or email us here at Incarcerateus.podcast@mail.com and we will forward the information on your behalf. All information will be kept strictly confidential. We thank you for your support .

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