Gloria Woods Author and Motivational Speaker

Incarcerate US Podcast Host Dant’e Cottingham Interviews  Gloria Woods author of Broken Shackles ( A Mothers Journey)  from behind Prison walls. Dant’e is America’s 1st and Only Incarcerated Podcast Host.

Goria Woods - Author of "Broken Shackles" A Mother's Journey

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Gloria Woods is the mother of an incarcerated daughter. She talks about the difficulties and the road to healing for them both, her inspiration for the book ‘Broken Shackles’ . Gloria talks about mass incarceration and what she believes could be part of the solution.  Gloria is also a Motivational Speaker, Rejected for a Purpose outreach.

Gloria Woods has a passion for people particularly single mothers incarcerated and their families. Her passion was birthed out of the struggles she faced as she provided love and care for her three children without any help from their Father.

Prison Ministry

Prior to this Gloria experienced both physical and verbal abuse for many years, which she overcame. Despite the struggles, she is a faithful servant of the LORD and has a strong calling as an Evangelist. In 1996 she received her calling into the Ministry in Apopka, Florida. From 1999-2000 her voice was heard on the radio with her Go Your Way and Sin No More Program where she taught Gods word.

How being a Social Worker gave her coping skills

She works as a Social Worker where she has learned skills in counselling and caring for others. As she went through many hardships God provoked her in the Spirit through prayer. In 2009, she experienced a great tragedy in the untimely death of her 18-month old granddaughter which resulted in the incarceration of her daughter. As a result, her pain brought her to a great purpose which included visiting the incarcerated, ministering to families which included Mothers, Fathers, sister, brothers and children of the incarcerated.

Angel Tree Ministry

Through her experiences, she has been involved in the Angel Tree Ministry which provides gifts for children of the incarcerated during the holidays. As Gloria Woods began writing down many of the feelings she experienced she found that God had gifted her in the area of writing and she wrote her first book: Broken Shackles: A Mothers Journey. She has appeared on radio talk shows and has had invitations on television talk shows.

She recalls the media attention during the tragedy she experienced but she also recalls being told that God will use the media to bring forth deliverance and freedom to others through her story of victory, freedom and deliverance. It is her desire to establish scholarship funds for the incarcerated and their families to further their education. She is especially grateful for the book collaboration from Pain to Purpose hosted by Dr Tamara Harris as she now is able to share her story with others who may be helped also.

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