Dante Cottingham

How does a Prisoner make a Podcast?

Incarcerate US  began with a series of Podcast Interviews hosted by a Prisoner. From the prison phone Dante would speak with a variety of people who are dedicated and passionate about prison reform. Once the call is over the recording is uploaded to the podcast site (edit free). The podcast is never edited so as to be as transparent as possible and avoid misunderstandings. These Interviews contain the actual recordings from the prison phone complete with the automated prompt that tells the caller who is calling and how to accept the call.

Who is Dante Cottingham?

At the age of 17, Dante Cottingham was charged with party to a crime of homicide, waived to the adult criminal court system, convicted, sentenced to a lengthy term of imprisonment and then transferred to an adult maximum security prison. He’s currently serving his 24th year of incarceration at the Jackson Correctional Institute in Black River Falls, WI.

While incarcerated he obtained his paralegal degree. He is a tutor and teaches fellow prisoners to read and write, math and other subjects.

He has thoroughly researched the social and legal elements of the history of and development of juvenile justice in the United States. Research combined with his experiences has turned him into a passionate advocate for juvenile justice reform in America.

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