Solo Project with Lakeisha Muhammad

Incarcerate US Podcast Host Dant’e Cottingham Interviews Lakeisha C Muhammad, from behind Prison walls. Dant’e is America’s 1st and Only Incarcerated Podcast Host.

Wife, Mother, Empowerment Coach, Author, & Entrepreneur.

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Incarceration, Addiction and Homelessness. What they have to do with foster care, and how we can change outcomes?

SOLO is birthed and encouraged by our personal journey, As a wife with a  loved one incarcerated who has  been maintaining outside responsibilities with at one point  no real support  system to lean on, no community  resources to utilize with legal questions and other supportive needs, I personally can relate to what other  families are facing everyday.   The heart of me wants to support  families in similar circumstances in any way possible with resources and  keep them informed about what is going on behind the wall, events, hearings, new bills, laws, etcetera.

About The Solo Project

SOLO is a non profit organization, not yet  (501)C certified, but we can accept donations and operate within  our capacity of community supports. SOLO is purposed to work with the families of incarcerated people,  community leaders, grassroots citizens, and other local and state organizations to assist families with effectively supporting their loved ones. We recognize that families of incarcerated people are faced with  being stigmatized, isolated, and traumatized by society’s “Guilty By Association” mentality.

Our goal is to educate, motivate, and inform the families and community about issues of incarceration, the  importance of rehabilitation,reentry, and the importance of family reunification.      We want  to objectively reshape  portrayal of public opinions about the families,  and the incarcerated  person’s.     Continue encouraging and supporting families about how important their support is to their love one’s and  their voices DO MATTER!

Our purpose

 is to connect with other activist, advocates, and families who are actively engaging in all issues around Mass Incarceration in our local state and national to hopefully come together as a collective support to each other.

SOLO Project in addition serves as a resource pool of information for services needed around legal rights, legislative, community, collaborative networking, events, and providing what supports we can to the families on the outside and their love one’s behind the wall.

Our future goals is to further educate as we motivate, and inform the families and community about issues of incarceration, the importance of rehabilitation,reentry, and the importance of family reunification.

The marginalization  form of structural violence that threatens public health and safety.

S.O.L.O is dedicated to educating, informing, and empowering families of incarcerated people to become aware first of their own need for healing due to the impact of incarceration as well as to advocate on behalf of themselves and their love one’s.

We want  to objectively reshape  portrayal of public opinions about the families,  and the incarcerated person’s.

SOLO will strive to ensure that the narratives that are being conveyed to the public is sound minded and not of absent hypocrisy.

SOLO is always open to work together and stand against the continued stigmas that becomes placed upon the families and the community that attempts to support their incarcerated loved ones.

SOLO does understand the sensitivity of the families as we do know that family is the cornerstone to the true success of lasting rehabilitation and reentry. There is no greater incentive for corrective behavior for incarcerated people than a supportive engaging family.

SOLO believes in organizations purposed from multi communities at large who believe that unification and collectivism can cause a great impact to reducing and ultimately eliminating incarceration that destroys the community and homes of the families.

SOLO believes and is active in having unique discussions with other advocates, clergy, local politicians,family, law, and educators that will bring solutions.  Leave no stones unturned! We need stronger organized communities!

Lakeisha C Muhammad & Justice Muhammad-Founder & Advocate

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