Incarcerate US Podcast Host Dant’e Cottingham Interviews Mary Buser, Author of Lockdown On Rikers from behind Prison walls. Dant’e is America’s 1st and Only Incarcerated Podcast Host.

Award Winning Author Mary Buser – Lockdown On Rikers

Mary Buser LCSW, worked as a clinical social worker in the Mental Health Department on Rikers Island during the Giuliani administration’s celebrated crackdown on crime

She began her Rikers sojourn as a student intern at the Rose Singer Center, where she provided therapy to incarcerated women, including a support group for mothers in the island’s nursery.

After earning her Master’s degree, she returned to Rikers to work at the George Motchan Detention Center, a maximum security facility for male detainees. Here, she provided both individual and group therapy to the general population, as well as to the jail’s mentally ill inmates.

Three years later, Ms. Buser was promoted to an assistant mental health chief. In this capacity, she supervised treatment at the “Mental Health Center,” the 350-bed facility for the city jail system’s most seriously mentally ill inmates.

that can be used to promote healing within our country.

Working On Rikers

Following her stint at the Mental Health Center, Ms. Buser worked at the Otis Bantum Correctional Center, which was structurally attached to the 500-cell Punitive Segregation Unit, aka, The Bing. Here, Ms. Buser supervised a mental health team in treating inmates held in solitary confinement, as punishment for various jailhouse infractions.

Prior to Rikers Island, Ms. Buser co-founded and served as Executive Director of The Samaritans of New York, a suicide prevention hotline. In this capacity, she assisted the New York City Police Department in the production of a suicide prevention film that was subsequently shown to all incoming cadets. Ms. Buser also testified before the New York City Council as to the extent of teenage suicide citywide.

Ms. Buser also worked at the Osborne Association’s drug-rehab facility, El Rio, as well as at the Upper Manhattan Mental Health Center.

She received her Master’s Degree from Columbia University.

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