CEO and Founder of Mens Reentry Initiative Mark Sellers

Incarcerate US Podcast Host Christopher Rashad Green Interviews Mark Sellars, CEO and Founder of Mens Reentry Initiative.

Mark Sellers

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Mark Sellars

PO Box 210113
Columbia, South Carolina

T: +1 803-521-4635


Mark Sellers explains the struggles and obstacles facing many returning Citizens after Incarceration and what his Organization is doing to assist these men and women.

The Men’s Reentry Initiative is built around a balanced curriculum of Academics-Therapy-Faith that addresses high rates of recidivism.

MRI uses twelve weeks of life skills sessions and the applications of critical thinking to helps reduce rates of recidivism in the State of South Carolina by enhancing public safety and cutting the costs of re-incarceration.
Our primary goal is to help integrate individuals back into the community by providing necessary tools, support and resources for their success.

About Reentry after Incarceration

The Men’s Reentry Program is a nonprofit status organization dedicated to eliminating the high-rates of recidivism plaguing the State of South Carolina. According to the South Carolina Department of Correction Recidivism Report, almost 50% of South Carolina’s inmates are re-incarcerated within five years of their release. South Carolina Department of Corrections records indicate a 19.0 % jump in recidivism rates since 2002. There is no indication that this number will drop without an effective measure put in place. Our program targets jails and detention centers as processing ports to integrate a 12-week curriculum aimed at limiting recidivism. We believe the only way to reduce these rates is to work directly with the populace responsible for their increase.

MRI is currently conducted at these locations:
Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center
Broad River Correctional Facility
Alvin S. Glenn-Juvenile Division
Lee County Correctional Facility
Manning Correctional Facility

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