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What have our schools become? The last few years I’ve been reading articles from the “Baltimore Sun,Washington Post, US Today,and Jacksonville union” news papers to name a few on this, School House to Jail House Pipeline To Prison. Are they serious because this is Absurd?! And we’re wondering why we’re dealing with this (EPIDEMIC) with this youth violence. They have answered part of there own question with this School Pipeline To Prison. That’s the last place you want to send a youngster that don’t really need to be there. Prison is the last resort,not the first, because prison is not a play ground or school house!!!!

It’s been many sad stories in the last few years I can talk about in this article, but I’ll just name a few according to Denise Amos writer for the Jacksonville Time Union, 70 percent of the 3 million students suspended last year were (Black and Hispanics)as were about 70 percent of students arrested as school. A 7 year old was disciplined for creating a gun out of a “POP TART” and eating it. A diabetic student was handcuffed for falling asleep in class. SAD SAD! We have officers running around these schools treating these youngsters like their in the streets after the bad guys and not in a school house making sure they make it to class. Prison is not the answer, trust me I know because it’s not a play ground, it’s a learning center.

By. Antonio Barnes-Author of Prison Is Not A Play Ground
And Youth Advocate.

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