Prisoner Marriage by Proxy


Get married when you can’t be together. Perfect if your partner is in the Military, Incarcerated, ill or hospitalized, in another state or another country, etc. For more detailed information visit our website at


As the top rated Wedding Service in the Greater Kansas City area, we at Kansas Proxy Marriage take our role very seriously. We are here to help couples get married who can’t be together one way or another. Your beloved might be in the military, incarcerated, in another state or country, hospitalized or unable to get to you at the moment. We are here to ensure that your marriage can happen anyway. Kansas is one of only two states left where Proxy Marriages are legal and recognized in all states, in all branches of the military and also in most countries. (Montana is the other state, and it requires either a military proxy or one of the spouses has to be a resident of Montana.) The process is fast and easy. One of you is required to travel to the state of Kansas. You can stay for 4 days or travel twice, depending on what is most convenient for your schedule. The first day you will fill out an application to purchase the marriage license from the Kansas Courthouse.  Kansas has a 3-day waiting period before you can actually pick up the Marriage License. You can stay in the area for those 3 business days or travel back at your convenience to pick it up. Once you pick up the marriage license you will meet with us so we can perform the proxy marriage and get your license filed. You can go home that same day.  Our price is the lowest in the entire Kansas City metro area because we believe getting married shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg – just your hearts. Don’t pay the insane prices others charge for the same service we offer – we started our entire business because couples seeking a proxy marriage are generally on tight budgets and we didn’t want to add to their burden.  

We charge one flat fee of $250 and payment is not due until you are with us in person to do your proxy marriage. Other companies require a 50% deposit just to give you basic information. We have included everything you need to know about the process right here on our website. We accept cash, debit or credit cards (3.5% fee is charged if using credit/debit cards). Call us  at (816) 673-6106 or email us at today to schedule your PROXY MARRIAGE.

There’s nothing more romantic than marrying the love of your life! We are just as caught up in the romance as you are and so excited about the life you are going to have together. 

Your Magical Day is a full service Wedding Chapel. We provide the Chapel, the Officiant, the Ceremony, and even Props to use for Photos! 

Most judges don’t perform courthouse marriages anymore  and the average cost of a full blown wedding these days is $32,641 – more than many people make in an entire year. 

Your Magical Day has made it our mission to bring affordable marriage services to the Greater Kansas City area so that anyone who wants a beautiful wedding can have one. We have developed an elegant alternative to costly weddings with our wedding chapel and venue in the Northland of Kansas City. We started our business when we eloped a few years back and couldn’t find a beautiful, affordable venue on our VERY tight budget!

Our fabulous chapel can accommodate up to 40 guests making us the perfect choice for small, intimate weddings. We have also put together a low priced  elopement package specifically for couples who want something fast and easy.

You don’t have to wait to get married – we are available today! We have married thousands of happy couples since we started our business in 2014.

We keep our prices low because we believe getting married shouldn’t cost you an arm & a leg –     only your hearts .

Give us a call and we will do our very best to make this

 Your Magical Day  TM

Reverend Natalie Remington
Wedding Minister, Wedding Officiant​​
​4321 NE Vivion Rd. Suite 103 Kansas City, MO 64119
(816) 673-6106


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