Prisoners Talk

Being Heard: Breaking Through the Impasse

Would your incarcerated loved one like to have the sound of their voice heard by thousands of people across America and around the world?

Our new Prisoners Talk Service provides them with the opportunity to have thier voice recorded reading thier pen pal ad, reciting thier poetry, reading thier current event articles, telling thier story or anything else that they want the world to hear. Their recordings will be placed on your very own profile page here on  where the sound of thier voice can be heard by thousands of people.

Simply follow the 4 easy steps and your loved one can have their voice heard across all social media platforms..

How to be Heard

  1. Using our pay pal button send $6:99 per call including prisoners name, location and contact details. If they have corrlinks ask them to contact us / add us to communicate directly and set up time and day for call –
  2. You can choose to book between 1 and 3 calls at $6:99 per call
  3. A phone number will be provided for you to call  (if your facility allows direct calls out great! if not, let us know and we will take care of it)
  4. As soon as your call is accepted your words are being recorded you have 15 mins to tell thousands of people whatever you want them to know!
    Upon completion of your call your recording will be uploaded to the profile page that we create for you free of cost along with any other info you provide via email or family and friends . (Your family and friends may continually add photo’s//comments/updates etc for you. The recording will also be available for download from the site.
    Rules Apply:
    1.The site will not edit recordings
    2.There is a 14 day time limit on numbers provided
    3. All purchases are final
    4. All phone numbers expire 20 mins after completed call.

Call Options

We provide a number for the prisoner to call, they can then say whatever they need to be heard. The call will last until the prisoner hangs up or max 15 min call duration.

Once the call is complete it is automatically saved on our server and converted into an mp3 for audio upload across all social media sites.

Prisoner will be notified of all social media links where recording can be listened to and provided with a free member profile page on Incarcerateus with audio uploads.

Listen to Some of Our Prisoners Talk!



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